Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. North by Northwest



Yes, Cary, you could have won this match. If only you spoke Hovitos!

The first Indy even beats North by Northwest!

ANY original Indy beats North by Northwest; even though North by Northwest is a classic as well.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest films in the top ten

As good as Raiders is North by northwest is my third favourite Hitchcock so sorry mister Spielberg, but NBN wins


Spielberg beats Hitchcock on this one.

Indy trilogy over North by Northwest. I'm tempted to say that even on a re-watch NBN won't beat the first two Indy films.

Raiders all day long!

Tough match. North actually wins for being more my kind of thing I guess.

Raiders but damn good cinema all the way around.

North by Northwest is the correct answer