Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Star Wars



This is like asking you to choose whos your favourite out of your own children! SW wins by a whisker - but would have won by a bigger margin if I'd been asked pre-prequels

This website is absolute evil!

Star Wars all the way.

oh noes! i didn't think this would happen. SW wins by a hair..

Star Wars has light sabers, Indiana Jones has a whip. Star Wars has an exploding Death Star, Indiana Jones has the Ark of the Covenant melting Nazi face. Star Wars is more original, Indiana Jones has the more vivid ending. Who knows? I go with.......Star Wars WIIIINNNNNNNSSSSS

Shait, i like both, but Star Wars win.

What The Hell? This matchup shouldnt be allowed. I need help folks.

This match up is freaking sophie's choice. I've been staring at it for about 10 minutes now.

Damn, hard choice

my god this is hard to choose

This is like choosing between your children.

As much as I love SW, I've always loved Indy more. And Speilberg's a better director than Lucas. CRYSTAL SKULL broke my heart, but it still can't tarnish the memory of RAIDERS.

Wow, bunch of complainers here. This is easy: Raiders kicks A New Hope's @$$ any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The less Lucas is involved, the better the film. At least as far as screenwriting is concerned. Raiders of the Lost Ark is as close as I can come to complimenting Lucas' handiwork. Feel Raiders of the Lost Ark was more a win for Spielberg and Kaufman than for Spielberg. More them making the most of the situation. Rather admirable on their part, really. Despite Lucas' involvement, they made an enjoyable enough ride out of it. Enjoyable, but not groundbreaking. Still, that is to be applauded given the circumstances. Star Wars shows Lucas should have as little involvement as possible in the screenwriting.

wow thats a tough one.... star wars or Raiders? thats like asking me to choose which child live and which dies, ofcourse the analogy is moot i have no children but still a hard decision

"Raiders" is a stronger film, but I have more love for "Star Wars." When I ask myself which I would replace first if I had to rebuild my library, "Raiders" waits until I can watch Luke Skywalker blow up the Death Star again.

These are the two Big Movie Experiences of my childhood. What it comes down to, I guess, is which one provides the most tingles of wonder and awe over twenty years after the first viewing. Now that I think about it, Star Wars has a more tingle-inducing opening (the scroll w/John Williams score) while Raiders has a more tingle-inducing ending (the warehouse, w/John Williams score). What really matters is what happens in-between the opening and ending, though, and that's where Raiders truly outshines Star Wars. While Star Wars is fun, Raiders leaves me euphoric. Raiders is one of the few movies I consider to be an essential part of my early development as a movie watcher, and just about every scene holds up today. Star Wars hasn't aged as well, nor does it have the same level of influence. If movie watching was a religion, Raiders would be one of my Holy Scriptures.

Star Wars, hands down. At least in my opinion. I love Star Wars more than I love Indy. Plus, I think it has more story. It's a whole world created out of nowhere against Indy beating Nazis to an Ark, which, don't get me wrong, is awesome too... Just not as awesome as Star Wars.

There is no Raiders without Star Wars. Although both are great.

Ah, an epic struggle between two great throwbacks to classic adventure serials. I have to hand it to Indie, he knows how to tell an entertaining adventure. But I think Star Wars has a better overarching story, and a better climax. I wonder who would win, Han Solo or Indiana Jones? That's a question for the ages...

Lost ark for me, thanks.

This vote could change on a daily basis

A toughie, as I should've guessed from seeing all the comments pop up at the bottom of the screen. I'm gonna have to go with Raiders, though. It's funnier, has more memorable scenes, and Indy's just a damn good character.


This is a hard decision...a very hard decision...

Raiders wins for me. A bit of a tough choice though.

I gotta go with Star Wars.

Raiders, but I love both. I'm more thankful for Star Wars though, because if that movie hadn't been made or was a critical flop, we wouldn't have The Empire Strikes Back, probably my favourite movie of all time. And although I'm a big fan of The Last Crusade, Raiders is my favourite in the series.

I really cannot decide. This is one of the hardest choices of my life. Both cult classics and amazing film in their own right. The entertainment factor in both of these film peak. And both snatch spots in my top 5.

This choice should be against the law...I'm going with Raiders but only because I love the Empire Strikes Back so much

Star Wars has been my favorite movie since I was 4 and I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time when I was 19 and I'm 20 now so I gotta go with Star Wars.

I liked Star Wars more as a kid, but now (and probably forever) it will be Raiders.

As important to cinematic histroy, nay, to all of culture as Star Wars is (and is a great movie, Raiders is my favorite movie of all time. It just gets better everytime I watch it.


Raiders of the Lost Ark, while pretty good, isn't as great as Last Crusade. Star Wars it is.

Indy is better than Han

As much as I love Indy....he just doesn't have the Force...

The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark are both alot better than Star Wars: A New Hope so Raiders of the Lost Ark wins this round.

Star Wars wins this battle of the classics.

Indiana rules...

Absolutely Star Wars. And Raiders is still a top 10 film. Star Wars is far more memorable in every way and is a greater achievement in cinema. Not only this, but Star Wars has countless re-watchability. Not to say Raiders doesn't, but a few of its action scenes can get a little dull (just a tad) after many re-watches, Star Wars....Just gets better and better!!

I gotta go with Raiders.

oh my heart cries!!! to choose between two AWESOME movies...for shame Flickchart!!!! I will choose......

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to go with Raiders here.

^^^^I take back what i said earlier. Raiders for the fu*king win!!!

If I was judging based on the entire trilogy then Star Wars would beat out Indy, but as a stand alone movie, Raiders beats the original Star Wars easily.

Star Wars wins here by FAR SUPERIOR.

Come on guys, this is Raiders

Star Wars wins for me. I like Raiders, it's a classic as well. But SW is pure magic. It's one of those films you can watch again and again, it's pure cinema fun. Exciting,entertaining,fun and pure.

Another easy win for Raiders.

Star Wars... Easy

I'd rather watch raiders over star wars or any installment.

I'd rather watch Star Wars

Star Wars

this matchup has to be the most famous of all time. Raiders, for me now. Had it been empire instead, raiders wouldn't have made it

Star Wars definitley

I love Star Wars and the universe it created, but Raiders is the perfect Action/Adventure film.

movies for adventures all time

on to closing

like SW easy on this one

Eff you, Flickchart! This is too hard! I'm choosing Raiders because Luke Skywalker is a whiny little bitch boy.

re-watching Raiders sees it winning this battle

It sucks to have to make this choice, but every time the Death Star explodes I'm about five years-old again. Just love SW.

Sorry Indie Star Wars for sure

I switch to Star Wars

Hmm Star Wars probably

I consider these the two best film series of all time and these two movies are the best from their respective franchises. Because I rank the Indy series a hair higher, I give this to Raiders.

While I like both, Star Wars is just a tiny bit better because of Vader and Tarkin.

Star Wars has always been my favorite Lucas Film

Star wars will always be better than Indiana Jones.

These are the second best of both franchises. Star Wars is the superior film though.

Wow. This is the ultimate face off, but the choice is obvious.

Raiders is more fun than Star Wars.

The Force over The Ark

To me Indy gets the win here, just slightly.

Two greatest franchises ever!!! I still pick Raiders without much hesitation, though it is ridiculously close.

Two great films. I love both of them. Star Wars is way higher on my list thou. And overall SW is a better film from many aspects.

Luke Skywalker > Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark edges out Star Wars. But I would lie if I'd say that it isn't close.

Star Wars is wonderful. Raiders is wonderful-er.

Not difficult for me. Star Wars (the series as a whole) was a little too much for kids for my taste. I lost interest once I got to my teens. Much better Sci-fi movies and franchises are out there as far as I'm concerned. Raiders on the other hand, never gets old, stale, loses it's edge, humor, or adventure, not to mention the effects hold up much better than the Tataouine puppets. Indiana pummels Vader.

Raiders has the slight edge here.Slight edge because I dont like either of these movies

Another toughy, but I give the slight edge to Raiders

No no no no no I spoke too soon. Star Wars by a hair. I feel like a jerk

Like Star Wars more.

Somehow Indiana Jones is destroyed by the Death Star.

Honestly, the sequel trilogy made this decision for me. The sequels aren't in my head canon, but i can't watch the original trilogy without seeing Luke do what he did in Last Jedi. Crystal Skull was lame, sure, but Indy was still in character. In that case Raiders. On their own though...... I still feel like Raiders does it better for me. Just when I thought Luke Skywalker was my ultimate hero, i find a copy of Last Crusade and then find Raiders and..... Indy all the way.

I love both, and it could easily change but for now I'm going with Raiders.

Star Wars mostly beats anything Indiana Jones.

Star Wars>Raiders

Star Wars is rarely the greatest of the classics.

Ended up going objective here...ultimately feel like Jones was the better movie.

Star Wars all day long.

Star Wars by far.

Star Wars the greater far classics in history.

Star Wars is the easiest greatest effort.

Star Wars not even close.

Classic matchup here! Both movies revolutionized cinema, and both are in my top 10. I think I'll go with Raiders since Spielberg is a better director than Lucas, and Indy is a better protagonist than Luke.


Surprisingly easy choice: Star Wars

Raiders. I liked it more than Return of the Jedi, so I like it more than Star Wars.

damn, haven't watched either in so long. empire strikes back for now

Empire would win, but Raiders beats A New Hope by a small margin

Star Wars is the far greater nominal classic of the best source, raiders is beyond dreadful overrated