Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Raging Bull



Two great films, but Raiders is much more endearing.

Raging Bull - the performances, black and white cinemtography, impact, substance and emotional resonance all give it the upper hand.

I'm going with Raging Bull

Raiders all the way!

Raiders is worthless fluff, Raging Bull is art

Raging Bull

I liked Raging Bull better. Raiders of the Lost Ark is still fun though.

I love me some Raging Bull, but Raiders,'s Raiders. It's awesome.

Ragin g Bull wins!

Raiders but just


I've got to agree with MysticSpoon on this one.

Raging Bull is definitely the better film.

come on man! So hard... raiders has everything a movie needs - almost a perfect movie, but raging bull almost a masterpiece and a such a good tragedy................ raiders i think

Raiders is a step above...

Change of heart. Raging bull but for some reason i can get this marchup. Therefore, raiders is still a step above....

Raging Bull

I don't get why so many people love Indiana Jones,easy win for Raging Bull.

I always go back and forward between these two. Raiders for it's excitement and Raging Bull for its artistic values? Damn these is tough...

Raiders of The Lost Ark is a classic but I'll never forget Raging Bull. It's brilliantly edited, the acting is amazing, the pacing is brilliant, the boxing fights are amazing and the cinematography is brilliant. I love Raiders of The Lost Ark just like the other guy but Raging Bull is a huge masterpiece.

This is a tough one. I will say Raging Bull is definitely better, but I can’t go against Dr. jones on this one

Raging is far superior and beats this very good old 80's adventure movie. Raging Bull is a classic from start to finish while Raiders is goofy. Raging