Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. The Goonies



Oh... crap.

If it was Temple of Doom i would've picked Indiana Jones,but here The Goonies take the win

RAIDERS!!! if it was temple of doom id be all about the goonies :P



OMG>>Really tough choice!! I love both of these movies and have seen them both a cajillion times!! But as much as I love Harrison Ford..The Goonies get the vote here!!

Things just got serious... How can I tear my childhood apart like this. AHHH! Let me close my eyes and pick.

goonies is just a better film BITCHES

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Goonies? I have to! I'm sorry Indy!

Goonies wins everytime

Raiders of the lost Ark!


We're talking about a classic and a clone for kids here people

I agree team Raiders but man I need to see Gooines again

Goonies never die