Dr. No vs. From Russia with Love



on 12/17/2009

Oh no. Coin flip for sure.

on 12/19/2009

Love em both.

on 5/18/2010

I've always preferred From Russia With Love because it's more timeless and it features a lot more well-developed characters. Dr. No was a fine debut, no doubt, but From Russia With Love is just so much better in every category.


on 5/18/2010

Dr. No was timeless.

on 11/21/2010

Personally, I'll defend From Russia with Love as the best Bond film in the series, but Dr. No isn't far off. The sequence where Bond cooly kills Professor Dent is so spectacularly cold, it get me every time.

on 12/15/2010

Quite possibly the two best Bond films. I'll give FRWL the nod because it improved on Dr. No, but did not go over the top like subsequent films.

on 4/25/2012

Dr. No started it all....

on 8/11/2012

From Russia wins by a hair. Bond gets better as he goes on.

on 9/29/2012

From Russia with Love was different than Dr.No. It was darker and had a better storyline that was deeper than Dr.No. But Dr.no is a classic and just a fun movie to watch. from Russsia with Love, Bond was more serious. But Dr.No is the better film.

on 9/29/2012

Little surprised on this. I'll go with Dr. No...but both are fantastic.

on 9/29/2012

Dr. No, I admire the ambition of From Russia with Love it very much stands away from most other Bond films but Dr. No's visuals are just iconic.

on 10/5/2012

Eh...I don't know. From Russia With Love is without a doubt the better movie; the Bond theme doesn't get repeated over and over again (at least FRWL has multiple variations of the theme) and the minor characters don't feel as disposable as in Dr. No. Yet FRWL doesn't feel as satisfying as Dr. No. I can't explain it. Meh, I guess they're almost even. Dr. No has a big advantage in the 'Bondgirl' and 'main villain' territories, but From Russia With Love is just a better paced and better made movie. I guess From Russia With Love wins...barely.

on 10/23/2012

WIth Love is incompetent, but not altogether boring. I feel no need to forgive a film for its weaknesses just because it's half a century old. Q's appearance was bland and without byplay... the gadgets were unimaginative... there's that "cool" moment where Bond dexterously throws his hat onto the rack from a whopping 18 inches away... the gang brawl with guns was just retarded... so much time spent on the train doing nothing... Bond goes all matador on a helicopter! How risky! Bah! They really had no idea what they were doing back then.

on 10/24/2012

...and the dramatic theme music while he, wait for it, walks around his hotel room. Bwahahaha!

on 11/11/2012

FRWL is my favorite Bond film not named Casino Royale. Robert Shaw is perfect, I love the elevator fight and the train sequence, and it is fairly low key in the gadget area, which has always been one of my least favorite aspects of the Bond series.

on 3/13/2013

My wife and I are just starting to go back through the James Bond films in the order they were released. Dr. No was a lot more fun than From Russia With Love for both of us.

on 3/13/2013

I slightly prefer Dr. No for its sense of adventure.

on 3/22/2013

Alright, after having rewatched both Dr. No and From Russia With Love, DEFINITELY Dr. No this time. From Russia With Love has some pretty bad pacing, to be honest. This is probably the first matchup where I actually contradict myself. We spend so much time on that damn train, it becomes boring. It does have its moments of brilliance, but it never quite captures my attention like Dr. No and especially Goldfinger do. Dr. No had pretty hokey pacing too, but that movie was more entertaining overall. Besides the pacing there's little to complain about, but it's not a Bond movie I'll easily pop in to rewatch.

on 3/22/2013

Hokey is not the right word. Bleh.

on 3/23/2013

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE remains the best James Bond movie in large part because it's very faithfully based on the best James Bond novel.

on 7/31/2013

I just finished watching From Russia with Love and it was a great film though I felt it had more dull patches than Dr. No, which is just plain terrific. I have to give it to Dr. No for the greater sense of adventure here as well.

on 7/31/2013

Gotta go Dr. No...but damn, both are terrific....

on 9/5/2013

Dr.No was very boring. From Russia with love was a big in prove meant

on 9/5/2013

It sure is an in prove meant.

on 11/14/2013

Dr. No may have started things off, but From Russia With Love learned from its mistakes. Plus, Robert Shaw rules.

on 3/12/2014

I'm gonna go with Dr. No as well, as its in the top five Bond films.

on 9/22/2014

From Russia with Love is in my top 5 Bond films

on 2/15/2015

Goldfinger is the best. In this round, Dr No

on 9/24/2015

From Russia With Love is awesome, but a little bit boring, Dr. No kept me interested from start to finish.

on 10/11/2015

Dr. No for sure. I find Russia very boring. Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, Russia, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds are Forever. None of them beat Casino Royal, Goldeneye and Syfall.

on 5/17/2017

Dr. No

on 5/17/2017

Goldfinger>Dr No>FRWL>YOLT>TB>DAF

on 5/25/2017

Both of these have some pacing issues and only really sweeten in the third act, but Connery seems more comfortable in Bond's skin in the second movie, and SHAW AND LENYA! The fight scene between Bond and Grant in the train is just the cherry on top.

on 8/20/2017

I used to pick FRWL for Shaw, etc but Dr No looks so awesome . The licals are great and it's more fun ni matter how great Shaw is in FRWL.

on 4/4/2018

I'll take Dr. No. I also found from Russia with Love to be boring.