Dr. No vs. You Only Live Twice



Dr. No set the bar pretty high for the franchise, YOLT didn't disappoint but it didn't top it's predecessor.

The 1st movie in the series is the better of the two here.

It seems everyone involved with You Only Live Twice was just going through the motions. It is one utterly forgettable movie. Dr. No is superior in nearly every way.

Yeah, Sean Connery clearly didn't give a shit in You Only Live Twice. I find YOLT to be enjoyable, mostly because of the action and the villain. But like I said earlier, Sean Connery looks bored as hell and the script by Roald Dahl(!) is pretty terrible. Dr. No is one of my favorite Bond movies. Funny how Bond is more like a detective than a secret agent in that movie though. But yeah, no contest.

I think that You Only Live Twice is underrated, but Dr. No is definitely better.

Dr No for the easy sweep.