Dr. No vs. Thunderball



two solid Connery Bond movies. I think THunderball is the better one.

I'm going with "Dr. No." Connery is edgier there; by "Thunderball," he looked a bit tired of the whole thing.

Dr. No is great. Thunderball? Eh.

Thunderball is grander, more sophisticated, and generally more memorable.

Thunderball isn't bad, it's just boring and forgetable. Dr. No is great.

Dr. No. No contest...

These are my two favorite Connery Bond's, Thunderball wins.

They're not too far apart from each other on my list, but Dr. No wins due to lack of overly long underwater scenes.

I have to give the edge to Dr. No here just because it was the first Bond film and started the whole craze, and the story was a bit more on point.

Dr. No.

Dr. No by far. Thunderball drags a bit, it's not bad, but I think Dr. No is extremely good with Connery at his finest.