Superman Returns vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Definitely The Dark Knight Rises. Superman Returns is not so super by comparison.

I didn't love The Dark Knight Rises and I didn't dislike Superman Returns, so I actually view this matchup as being pretty close. They're both equally flawed, but the flaws in The Dark Knight Rises are easier to overlook, so it wins here.

The Dark Knight Rises shits all over Superman Returns.

UGH. In general, Batman > Superman, but while THE DARK KNIGHT RISES didn't get anything wrong, per se, it was lazy and contrived. SUPERMAN RETURNS *did* get some big things wrong, but I feel a more genuine effort was made. Tossup.

TDKR is indeed lazy and contrived. It's just so poorly written it's as if it was an after thought. At least there was passion behind Superman Returns even though it was nothing but a tribute to a better film.

Hate one of them, so I'll pick the other.

With no hesitation whatsoever I'd say that the rise of Batman had much more power than the return of Superman :)

TDKR by stomping...

Returns gets my vote

TDKR broke most people's heart by letting us all down in a big way. Kind of like Returns did but that didn't seem to hurt as much.

Superman Returns isn't nearly as bad as some people tend to make it out to be but it's no where near as good as The Dark Knight Rises.

Watched Superman Returns yesterday for the first time in a while. It's not as bad as I remembered, but TDKR still wins in a landslide.

TDKR, the official greatest 3rd installment of a CBM trilogy to date and the ONLY one to this day that manages to be the exception to the rule (Sp3, Last Stand, IM3, Blade Trinity, still fall under the 'third is terrible' rule.)

What make Iron Man 3 terrible ? The boy ?

Oh, never watched Iron Man 3!

The Dark Knight Rises.

Rises isn't very good. It's got some good things about it but it is Nolan's worst IMO. I'll still take it over Returns.

The Dark Knight Rises is so bad that it does indeed make Superstalker Returns look good by comparison.

Both are unfairly maligned (though TDKR is still a widely loved film) and are among my top 10 superhero films with Rises at number one and Returns at seventh best. Point goes to The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises wins this easily.