Superman Returns vs. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice




Returns, for sure.

Both were disappointing, but BvS was more interesting than the bland Returns


Superman Returns has heart, at least.

I watched both of these in the last month and I think they both moreso middle of the road than bad. Superman Returns last 40 minutes is very engaging but the film as a whole drags for me and I think the characters lack, well, character. It also spends too much time trying to rehash scenes from Donner's Superman. Batman V Superman (the Ultimate Edition) is different. The first hour is very engaging and then the motivations become murky and the plot becomes very contrived. Superman Returns could've been a little better if Supes just told Lois about Krypton and gave reason for why he was going to disappeared. And Batman v Superman could've been better if Batman never killed, Superman had a reason to hate Batman and Lex was completely different. Batman v Superman may have more storytelling issues but it loses because I find it slightly more engaging. It's sad that the Superman movies can never fit the right places. Make a movie with the optisim of the Donnor original, the need to save people in Returns, challenge of Man Of Steel and political aspects of BvS and bang, you may have a great movie!

I was much more entertained by BvS....

Superman Returns is an slightly above average film with two excellent scenes (the airplane and the island lifting scene) and it's underrated, I think it's better than theatrical BVS but not the Ultimate Editon

Batman v Superman is better than Superman Returns by a lot.