Lord of War vs. A History of Violence



Two great movies but I prefer A History of Violence due to Viggo's performance.


Two terrific movies and Lord of War wins today.

I did not like A History of Violence, and I liked Lord of War more than I expected to.

A History of Violence is one the best films of 00's and it has such a great ending. One of Cronenberg's smartest and most entertaining films. Lord of War I need to rewatch. I liked it, but definitely A History of Violence.

They are both brilliant, but I'd go with Lord of War.

I wasn't expecting to like Lord of War, but it was made well, and Cage actually found a role where his tired eyes didn't kill the film, however a History Violence is a wonderful film.

I didn't think LOW would be as good as it was either but the cast of AHOV just killed it in a good way so AHOV wins.