O Brother, Where Art Thou? vs. The Big Lebowski



Coen Brothers vs Coen Brothers. Going to have to go with the Dude.

wow, i hate them both so much. god, the Coens suck.

how can you? their humor is some of the best!


I'm going to give the edge to Lebowski for being funnier and more quotable, but it's nothing against O Brother, which is also awesome.

Both great! But going with Lebowski because their are better one liners!

Lebowski is just awesome

Both hilarious Coen films. Lebowkski will always outshine Brother though.


The Big Lebowski, but O Brother Where Art Thou is fun as well.

What??? I disagree with Caesar....doesn't happen much, but it does this time. Pour me a Caucasion...

Pete can't F' with The Jesus.

My 2 favourite Coen's movies. Have to go with the Dude, though they are both amazing.

Lebowski is serious funny and an adventure people say I look and act like the Dude even before I saw it now its one of my favs beats a good O Brother film.

Im a real life dude and Big Lebowski is amazing one of my favs while O brother is awesome too it just took more viewings to really grab me! Dude all the way!

Both are great, but I think O' Brother has more quotable lines. Maybe I am just weird..

the Big lebowsky! its funnier and i love the characters a bit more.. o brother is up there tho.

It's bonafide

I felt the story was better in Brother, so I'm going with that, although I think Lebowski had some better moments. TBH neither of these films are near the top of my chart, I just couldn't get into them.


The Dude rules and provides more genuine laughs.