Speed vs. Die Hard With a Vengeance



Son of a bitch! this is hard! two quintessential 90s action movies. Had to go with Speed on this one

With a Vengeance is great, but it's not Speed.

Actually, once upon a time, this would have been a harder match for me. But the most recent time I saw DHWAV, I realized just how lame and tacked-on the ending feels. The original, alternate ending (the one they filmed before the friggin' studio made them change it) is much, much better.

Hmm John or Jack... haha I'll have to go with Speed on this one though if it was any of the other Die Hard movies I'd choose differently.

This is really hard, I love both of these movies but I'm think going to pick Speed here

I'm taking the crazy Keanu Reeves film.

Oh. Yeah, I'll go with Speed.

I can't believe Die Hard doesn't have a win.