Rise of the Planet of the Apes vs. Planet of the Apes



Of the two recent updates on the Apes' franchise Rise hits the notes much better than Burton's misguided effort. In fact, it's even a little better than the original. Sorry, purists.

I liked both of the new ones, but Rise was better.


The orginal just didn't inspire the awe that Rise forces out of me through out. Both are good, but Rise is far superior.

Watched planet of the apes last night. Even though I enjoyed, it just doesn't stand up to rise of the apes. Serkis as Caesar is great.

Rise is an entirely different movie than the original For someone who was brought up on Twilight Zone, the original struck all the right chords. I have to say that Rise is good, but pales when compared with acting talent, story, humor, twist and the opening hunting scene bulldozes over that mediocre bridge fight in rise.

Rise is good,but it just doesn't have the beat the OG.

Rise wins. Quite frankly...I think it's the better movie.

These are easily the two best films of the Planet of the Apes franchise. It's hard for me to choose which of the two is better, but I have to lean towards Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I found its story more emotionally engaging.

Rise is good stuff, obviously, but the original is slightly more shocking in the depiction of the whole reverse "animal cruelty" metaphor. Some scenes remind you of the horrors of the colonial era. It's that effective. I'll take the first Apes flick although Rise is a massive improvement from the Wahlberg version.

The original, without a doubt. Rise was a great film, but after finally watching the original, it does reference the original quite a lot, doesn't it? Oh well, I still love it, but I like the original more. The acting is better, it's smarter (or at least feels like it), and I found its story more interesting. Again, RotPotA is a fantastic reboot, but I like the original a tiny bit more. And oh, Linda Harrison. Nuff said.

Rise was so incredible, but there is no way it can beat the original.

This is very tough to call - but I'm going to give credit to the reboot, because that movie brought a sophistication and respect that the POTA franchise has probably never had before.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes sort've serves as a prequel to the original classic. Caesar started the uprising of Apes, a man-made serum being the catalyst. Ironically we were our own destruction, in the Planet of the Apes mythos. Caesar serves as a Jesus Christ-esque figure to his kind, and the modern day film focuses on anti-authoritarian issues that make it very unique. I'll take the 2011 film over the original classic.

War looks great but nothing can top these two. Rise is a well written and emotional reboot which brings the franchise to a new and creative direction after the horrible Tim Burton remake! There's motivation, there's interesting human and ape characters and it's an overall blast to watch. But, the original can't be topped! The story is more interesting with the "animal cruelty" subtly added to it, Charleston Heston is brilliant, the sets and ape makeup is beautiful and the twist adds another layer to it!

"Help, the human's about to escape". "Get your paws off me, you dirty ape". *gasp*. "He can talk, he can talk, he can talk, he can't talk". "I can SIIIIIIIIING". "Oo help me, Dr Zauis". "Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius. Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius. Dr Zauis, Dr Zaius. Ooooo Dr Zaius". "Dr Zaius, Dr Zauis". "What's wrong with me?" "I think you're crazy". "I want a second opinion". "You're also lazy". "Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius. Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius. Dr Zauis, Dr Zaius. Ooooo Dr Zaius". "Dr Zaius, Dr Zauis". "Can I play the piano anymore?" "Of course you can". "Well I couldn't before".

Rise is amazing, as is the original, but Dawn gets my vote for best. Anyway, Rise takes this one, and I would struggle slightly more with the original vs. War. The first is the only one of the original five films that can compete with the new trilogy.

Rise was cool but the bottom of the trilogy. Original gets my vote here and I think it is a lot better than the whole new trilogy