The Sister of Ursula vs. Strip Nude for Your Killer



I gotta say that The Sister of Ursula is more like what Strip Nude for Your Killer should've been. I don't know... Strip Nude for Your Killer showed an obese guy in his underwear with a blow up doll getting murdered. I didn't need to see that. There's more uniformity to the murders in The Sister of Ursula. Not only are all the victims unclothed women (except one guy who wasn't obese), but they all get killed in the same exact manner. True, none of the women are as attreactive as Femi Benussi from Strip Nude for Your Killer. However, Femi Benussi's murder scene is the best part of the movie and none of the other scenes come close. The Sister of Ursula is more consistent, and the movie is weirder and sleazier. (Actually, it almost crosses the line from having a story to just being a softcore sex movie. The overly dramatic acting and use of music make it seem more like a soap opera, though, which adds to the entertainment value.)

Gotta disagree with KingofPain. I love a good giallo, but Sister of Ursula really tried my patience. Long tedious sections, no wit and worst of all the murderer is obvious from the moment the movie begins. Strip Nude for Your Killer isn't great, but is a lot of fun, which is more than I can say for Ursula.

I guess with a movie such as The Sister of Ursula, the complexity of the mystery wasn't a big issue for me. That you have seen both of these films and commented on them does give me hope for the future. Strip Nude for Your Killer did have a catchy soundtrack, I'll give it that.