The Avengers vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



on 2/17/2013

Very slight edge to Two Towers, two spots actually.

on 2/18/2013

Two Towers

on 2/18/2013

Two amazing high level adventures. I wonder if Avengers 2 will grab the awards like Return of The King did as a type of compensation for delivering many great films in a row?

on 2/18/2013

The Two Towers by a long shot.

on 2/18/2013

Th Two Towers by far! To me the Avengers is cool but I don't get into it, LOTR is a masterpiece inmy eyes!

on 2/18/2013

I love LOTR. Avengers doesn't come close.

on 4/28/2013

Two towers

on 5/8/2013

I now love The Avengers but it doesn't stand a chance....10,000 Uruks over those Aliens....

on 5/8/2013

Love 'em both...but I have no problem going The Avengers here....

on 5/8/2013

Not even close. Two Towers my a longshot. TT's plot, character development, and special effects all beat Avengers easily. I like Avengers. It was all good fun, but TT is a much more serious film. Simply put: Avengers just isn't on the same plane-field as TT. TT is in an entirely higher league. You compare the LOTR trilogy to the original Star Wars trilogy, the first two Alien movies of that saga, or even the Dark Knight trilogy. These are compatible and worthy opponents. But as for Avengers, it's just not in that league for me. Fun movie though. Goes good with popcorn.

on 6/25/2014

TTT over Avengers

on 6/26/2014

The Two Towers by far. The Avengers is good light fun but it doesn't come close to The Lord of the Rings.

on 7/30/2015

I saw LOTR movies in theaters and That't the last time I'll watch them. There were good and different and everything but I not my cup of tea. Avengers for sure.

on Jan 23

Two Towers and its not even close