The Avengers vs. Back to the Future



avengers is also a classic movie, or will be - So Back to the future, empire, avengers and raiders all fall into the same category. They are those movies I can watch over and over again. Back to the future being my most favorite, and then avengers following close behind.

BTTF of course

Avengers isn't classic, and I don't think it ever will be. It's a good movie, but not great. It's an extremely high octane popcorn movie with some pretty awesome special effects. Now BTTF, on the other hand, is what you'd call classic. I actually like both, but BTTF is my choice.

Obviously Back to the Future

Not so obvious. I like Back to the Future but I have only been a fan as of this year. Never got into it when I was a kid. So I don't have any nostalgia like most do. Avengers for me.

Back to the Future without a second thought.

Avengers no Freeeeking contest actually

It's BACK TO THE FUTURE without any thought at all.

I rarely pick against the Avengers, but I have to here....

BTTF easily...


Back to the Future without a doubt.

Gee, I hope I’m not friends with anyone on the left. (I’m kidding of course. If you love The Avengers, that’s fine. But better than the Science Fiction/Period Piece(-ish) classic "Back To The Future"?)

Avengers is one of THE greatest movies ever made and always will be.