The Avengers vs. Fight Club



A superhero fight club. Now that I'd pay to see.

Inb4 Squaremaster.

although I find the avengers very enjoyable, it can't be compared with what i felt the first time i watched fight club. fight club made me realize what movies can do.

The Avengers is great, but Fight Club doesn't lose often.

Can't help that I love the freakin' Avengers....Fight Club, not so much.

It's pretty hard for Fight Club to lose.

The avengers

Fight Club, like j10f20mh said, it made me realize what movies can do.

Fight Club has elevated itself to a cult classic level... The Avengers was heaps of fun, but not the kind of film that Fight Club is.

The avengers cannot be compared to Fight Club! I am Jack's raging colon!

Fight Club, Avengers gets a thumbs down.

The first rule of a better fight club... kick out Ed Norton and bring in Mark Ruffalo.

Fight Club

Fight Club. The Avengers is not special.

The second live action theatrical Hulk for the win!

*In theaters, that is.

No contest,

Love the avengers! But love Fight Club more.

Hated The Avengers. Fight Club unless you're retard...

Retarded? No.

No need to be a jerk about it. Still, it's Fight Club here without a doubt.

Avengers edges it after one viewing. Upon repeat viewing it's Avengers in a landslide. Once you know the secret of Fight Club it's a crap re-watch.

I like avengers more

I think to some extent both are overrated but I enjoyed Fight Club more.

Fight Club is overrated but still great. The Avengers is overrated garbage. Fight Club for the WIN!!