The Avengers vs. The Godfather Part II



Godfather II is the better film (especially with the two storylines), but I would rather watch Avengers, marvel at the action sequences, and laugh at Joss Whedon's amazing humor

The right answer is Godfather 2.

The Godfather II is much better. It is a better look on crime.

Is this even a real contest? Joss Whedon is a good writer and director and all, but he is no Francis Ford Coppola. Even the cast of The Avengers can't compare to the epic magnitude of the Corleone family. Godfather Part II for the win no questions asked!

Avengers is great fun, but Godfather is that and heaps more.

for me flickchart isn't about who is the better movie, but my favorite movie. That being said i would still go with godfather 2, cause it's actually too good of a movie and like the who gangster shit going on

"The Godfather Part II" undoubtedly wins. Michael's fall is one of the peaks of cinema, "The Avengers" is a fun, visually stunning and entertaining film to watch but cannot match Coppola's Godfather films.

Me likee Godpa.

This isn't even a contest.

Like the good folks above me have said, this match-up isn't even worth a question.

I understand the Godfather is a better film in a technical and literary (even narrative wise) but after a stressful day at work I would much rather watch something that I can enjoy on a more basic level.


People seem like they're hating on Avengers here... I understand Godfather II is the choice, but you gotta give Avengers some credit. Never take a film for granted.

Avengers was an overrated steaming pile of shit. Godfather Part II was bloody magnificent.

The GF II is the better movie, but I'm just more entertained by The Avengers...

Godfather II. Avengers is good but at the same time very overrated.

Hulk said it best. It's about which one you like more not which one is the better movie. Movies hit everyone differently. Love Avengers but Love Godfather 2 more. Avengers is better than Godfather 1 and easily better than 3

The Godfather, Part II by 567 1/2 miles

The Godfather, Part II by 997 1/4,5 miles.

Avengers is more fun

The Godfather Part II Unmeasureble No contest here

The Avengers. more fun etc. Need to watch Godfather 1,2 and 3a gain.

the avengers isn't the even the best avengers movie, let alone the best mcu movie or best superhero movie. GF2 > TDK so it stomps avengers

Godfather Part 2 stomps so hard that it isn't even funny. I'd even say that no superhero movie even holds a candle to The Godfather Part 2, but that might be more controvertial