The Avengers vs. Blade Runner




Blade Runner.

Great debate, guys.

Avengers wins but is it apples and oranges.

I feel like Blade Runner has a lot more going for it.

The Avengers delivered on every aspect...

Both are kind of meh for me, but ill go with blade runner

Avengers stands tall.

Blade Runner is a deep film that explores the human condition while The Avengers is a mindless comic book action movie the was haphazardly thrown together. TDK is a fine example of a comic book movie done the right way. Blade Runner for my money.

Here I am embarrassing myself. Avengers wins

Blade Runner by a landslide. Blade Runner is probably the best sci-fi ever. With some of the entertainment factor of star wars with the thought provoking sci-fi themes of 2001 (except not boring).


Blade Runner is slight favorite.

Avengers is the greatest genre film of all-time. Sorry sad sack Runner fans.

Both are kinda average in my opinion but I will take a meaningful message over meaningless light-heartedness!

Avengers will always be considered pure greatness even decades from now.

Avengers will always be considered pure gayness even decades from now.

Avengers is so much better that it hurts.

My vote goes to the mother of Cyberpunk!

Oh Please.

Avengers is the king and what has come after only confirms and validates its greatness.

I consider about Blade Runner to be the better film because it certainly has it's greatest visual effects and better effort overall Avengers is still particularly good though.

Avengers is so much better in every way.

Avengers is one of the best movies ever made, it's movie which turned the game of superhero movies, can't compare it with blade runner in any ways

Switching to Avengers.