The Avengers vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



Joss Whedon has nothing on Quentin Tarantino.

Damn right he does! Avengers wins.

I'd have to say Kill Bill is actually the winner here ...

The Bride over the original avengers.

God I love Vol. 1, but the MCU has sucked me in...

Avengers is still one of the best big movies ever made. KB is actually at the bottom of Quentin Tarantino's efforts. Dumb, silly and overly juvenile. Avengers for sure.

Avengers is clearly the better film.

Kill Bill is clearly the better film, in fact it's better than any MCU film. It's aged extremely well, while Avengers hasn't.

The Avengers was a very fun film, but I enjoyed Kill Bill more. I mean, it's Tarantino. Come on

the bride slices the avengers in half

Not a big fan of Kill Bill 1, but it is clearly the better movie here.