The Avengers vs. The Prestige



Oh c'mon, Flickchart! Ok, Nolan will always win, there, I said it.

The Prestige for sure.

So Batman and Wolverine fight over a magic trick while Black Widow is torn between her love for both, until she sees them for the "less than noble" characters they are. Anyway, Batman is hung, but also shoots Wolverine (Guess it was payback for Nick Fury breaking his nose in Shaft). Oh, yeah, the films... the Prestige.

The Avengers is fun but very overrated. The Prestige never fails to impress each time I re-watch it and gets the easy win.

Avengers was really well done. Prestige is amazing though and gets the win.

The prestige easily

The Avengers is a far better film.

The Prestige no contest.

I'd take The Avengers any day over Prestige...