The Avengers vs. Die Hard With a Vengeance



Interesting. I'll take The Avengers.

62 and 65 on my list. The Avengers has the slight edge.

(14) Die Hard vs (50) Avengers.

I love Die Hard. Avengers? Eh, not so much...

The first 4 Die Hard movies squash The Avengers.

This is a joke right? Avengers beats the first Die Hard and that's a classic. Forget about any of the sequels.

I love the smell of fanboy in the morning.

Hey, if you're hitting on me... IT'S WORKING!!!!

I deny there's a problem with that though. I'm a huge Mortal Kombat fanboy.

I'm a MK fanboy too! The person who thinks Avengers beats all the Die Hard films was born somewhere North of 1997. Real movie buffs understand what Die Hard has done for action movies and why it's atop the list. Avengers is a great movie but It's not better than the 2 Die Hard Classics.

Avengers wins this quite easy.Dueling Sam Jacksons are a wash. This Die Hard would have been the real sequel to the classic original (the second film sucked and is best ignored) but instead of keeping John the "everyman" they had to inject crazy stupidity at the end. Such a waste.

hmm.. i really have always been a big DC fan. never really a marvel guy. plus die hard is hilariously tongue in cheek. going with die hard 3

Vengeance wins this without a single thought, in fact, every Die Hard movie destroys Avengers.