The Avengers vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King



The Avengers was quite the experience, but the experience of LOTR is almost unmatched.




As much as I love Lord of the Rings, I think I'm actually going to go with The Avengers, on the virtue that it has a better ending. This could change, though.

Yeah, you gotta just ignore ROTK's ending. Just pop the bluray out a like an hour and a half (year and a half?) pre-credits and you'll be alright. It's as if the worst ending in history never really happened.

Endings*. But eh, who cares about the endings. You're not gonna wrap up a 560 minutes trilogy (680 minutes if we're talking extended editions) with a 5 minute scene. Sure, there are too many endings, but it's good stuff.

Agreed. I thought it was a fine bunch of endings, even though it was a bit overwhelming.

Ostensibly I care. 560 mins. Bwahahahahaah. Fucking hell, what an empty life one would have to lead to watch all that shit together. Yeah, that's why we should have eeeven more footage. You gotta cut that shit out, Kung Fu style. Villain dead? Credits roll. Fuck yo' Shawarma and fuck yo' 65 homosexual endings that independently add no value and cumulatively act as a fish-hook to the nut-sack. Fagal bullshit. Tha fuck outta here. Not one of those concluding segments held any manner of fun. Just a bunch of jejune shit sprinkled aimlessly over a moderately entertaining, albeit retarded, film.

All the 65 endings do have meaning to the rest of the trilogy. It ties up themes and characters perfectly and if you can't watch the endings that's fine, but please don't say that others who can watch them have no life.

LOL @ "perfectly." Nigga please.

Heh. Now I'm imagining the LotR characters eating shawarma together. Nice. Anyway, again, "eh". I thought most of the endings did have a purpose, even if a montage of sorts would have been fine too. Also, "Villain dead? Credits roll."? *Unpleasant flashback to the abrupt as fuck ending to Transformers: Dark of the Moon*.

*Unpleasant flashback of watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

*Unpleasant flashback of watching all three Transformers films*

Return of the King. Avengers was one of 2012's best though.

The Avengers. I love Return of the King....but it just isn't as fun as The Avengers.

I get that people prefer ROTK over Avengers. But for me it is definately Avengers

LOTR is all time of my favourtie films ever, in the trilgory.


Return of the King is much more epic. It executes everything near flawlessly.

Return of the King dragged on towards the end The Avengers was constantly entertaining.

The ending to Return of the King is perfect. Absolutely perfect. And it shits all over The Avengers here. Avengers is far off from any of the Lord of the Rings.

I am going with avengers

Avengers is 2/3 of the way to being the better trilogy. The first two Avenger films beats the first two LOTR films. I know that's not the question here but it should be.

I definitely agree with Nils.

Return of the King, overall Avengers is pretty good..

Return of the King, overall Avengers is pretty good..

Avengers is exceptional and should be known as the "award winning" film in all honesty.

Avengers could be the best sci-fi adventure film and certainly is the best series made to date

ROTK is in a whole other ball park.