The Avengers vs. Pulp Fiction



My top two favorite movies as of right now. Both have some of the best writing I've ever heard and some of the best characters. Gotta go with Pulp Fiction here though.

Pulp Fiction is in another league than The Avengers. Joss Whedon's writing is impressive because he was able to juggle so many characters in the air without losing focus of the plot. There is nothing inside the script of The Avengers that is as startlingly original or as radically umpredictable as Pulp Fiction though.

Avengers. Yeah, it's new and fresh in my mind...but what an experience. Pulp just didn't have that kind of impact on me...

Pulp Fiction still reigns supreme here. It has to be the best Samuel Jackson performance.

Pulp Fiction. No contest.

Pulp Fiction, duh?

The Avengers is a helluva lot of fun, but Pulp Fiction is just to good.


Love love love The Avengers, but Pulp is a Top 5 film for me.

Love The Avengers but Pulp Fiction is nearly untouchable

Pulp Fiction without a doubt.

Avengers doesn't stand a chance against Jules and Vincent

Pulp Fiction beats every superhero film, except maybe the dark knight.

Avengers.At least it was entertaining and was a lot fun and surely had a mild story.Pulp suffered from laking of story.

Is this a question ? Avengers is a fucking boring movie with a forgettable final battle but pulp fiction is a masterpiece and also my favourite movie of all time

lukiushaufoy wtf u saying?PF can beat TDK too.

Avengers could be the best adventure film ever made. Not even the modern classics can match that statement of fact.

PF is TDK's level, avengers ain't nothing