The Avengers vs. Avengers: Infinity War



"There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people so when we needed them they could fight the battles that we never could. Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do?" - Nick Fury All these amazing heroes come together in the best way possible. Infinity War really does pay off ten years of excellence. Don't buy in to the notion that Infinity War isn't a stand alone installment. It more that is and the third act alone would be considered THE BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER MADE. Add the first two acts and what results is a gem that lives up to the hype. I believe that it is because Marvel has set this up from the start and have done so delivering some instant classics of their own. They combined the greatness of what we've already seen but added a more epic film. Avengers Infdinity War could be the greatest adventure film of all-time and not just comic book related. No other franchise got individual solo films to develop a film's characters. They had the budget and the right guys in place to make it all work. How the Russo's pulled this off is almost beyond belief. The movie isn't overcrowded because the many many characters already have backstory. Thanos is given the development and the entire narrative prospers because of it. Every character gets special treatment small and large. Brief moments like Mantis or large moments like Thor, EVERYONE gets a moment to shine. Be prepared to get emotional at three three separate times. Delivers on the greatness of the first movie.

Both are very overhyped. The Avengers had a consistent story and tone throughout while Infinity War is a bloody mess of a film. 4 different plot lines going on and only one really had me invested (Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man's one). Still, though, it’s a blast in terms of entertainment. Great action and some fun moments between characters, just not enough of what makes a film a meaningful experience. The Avengers is a very mediocre movie and loses this one. Why? Because it wasn’t as fun. This may change because Infinity War is getting worse and worse as I think about it!

Heh, this matchup had to happen. Infinity War has now passed Avengers as the best MCU flick.

While it’s hard to beat the wonder of that original Avengers film — remember when superhero team-ups were still a novelty? — Infinity War does indeed change the game again. There are unexpected returns, true surprises, real sacrifices and the best ending in film history that’s going to freak fans to their superhero-loving core, yet is, quite simply, marvelous.

Infinity War...

The original Avengers is a darn-near perfect genre film. Infinity War is an incredible feat, but it doesn't quite reach Marvel's highest level. While the Russos stage probably the most compelling action scenes in the MCU, Whedon knew exactly when to push on the little, humanizing character moments.


The original has more heart and soul and it felt like a complete film. Infinity War is like a cash grab to assure you must see the sequel. It is fast food filling but it leaves you with unfulfilled nourishment. Maybe a sequel will redeem it but it left me kind of numb.


Infinity War for having stakes and consequences.


... Although I could definitely see myself changing my mind.

I honestly think that the first Avengers film will never be surpassed, in the MCU anyway, because of the lightning-in-a-bottle circumstances of how it came into the world I.e. the first time a major team-up movie to have been released with this much effort put into it. What’s more, now that every scrap of information about these films is parcelled out and discussed on the internet months or years in advance, including the contractual obligations of the actors involved, it’s become much more apparent who is going to make it to the next film based on the business model rather than the narrative beats of the film itself. For this reason, I admire the ballsyness of Infinity War’s ending, and the performances of all involved, but its effect was somewhat dampened for me. That having been said, it’s still a very entertaining film, one of the best in the series so far, and Josh Brolin’s Thanos is one of the most fascinatingly nuanced performances of the MCU, but Avengers: Assemble still remains my favourite.

Good point. The first Avengers film may never be surpassed simply because it's that good. No knock against anything that has come out since.

Basically I rather prefer infinity war just us more stunning watch watchable apparently and every character in film just had much instant ability motion it's just better besides it's first apparent film.

infinity war, easyily

Both are so dern great! Still, do we have to wait to crown this the best trilogy of all-time since Infinity War is basically a two-parter do we have to see Avengers 4 and call THAT the "trilogy"?!?

Infinity War is just that awesomeness...

Very tough. I select The Avengers as it was as entertaining as Infinity War when it came out and still seems fresh on repeat viewings. Its also one of the most rewatchable movies of all time.

Two of the greatest adventure films ever made. Generational greatness indeed.

Pure awesomeness. If the fourth film is as good this franchise will NEVER be beat by anything.

Infinity War is much more entertaining value and stronger also more good charming characters and the greatest best villain, although they are both perfect but Infinity War has much value for me.

Infinity War is stronger of the level.

Infinity War by miles

Most definitely infinity war because much watchable, characters and the better villain.

Start to finish, the best franchise in movie history. Sad to see it go...

Infinity War is instant far entertainment and better characters.

Infinity War is far superior definitely the best watchable action entertainment complex masterpiece for sure it wins with ease.

infinity war is the best mcu movie imo

Both are the pinnacle of the genre if that's possible. Avengers 1 still wins for me, however.

Infinity War is obviously the best standard of all MCU.

Infinity War is obviously the best standard of all MCU.

The avengers is more fun but Infinity war is still the better film.

Avengers: Infinity War is easily the best Avengers film and also the gold standard for MCU movies

original avengers is still better