The Avengers vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron



Yes, Avengers: Age of Ultron wins without a doubt (kidding.)

Definitely Ultron

Age of Ultron may actually win, I'm really not sure.

Ultron is good, but... yeah, that first ride is still unforgettable. Like, compare your first fuck ever, w/whatever girlfriend/boyfriend you had, with the second fuck. The second's still great, but ultimately, not AS great. Ultron had engaging drama, surprisingly deep character development, and epic action set pieces, but Avengers 1's humor, charm, equally epic set pieces and OMGAVENGERS novelty factor push it to a higher edge.

The first one is more fun and focused, but I really liked AoU. For the moment, the original definitely takes the matchup, but I absolutely need to see Age of Ultron again in the next few weeks to solidify my opinion.

The first film is much better.

Though not a perfect film, I still thought Age of Ultron was a superior to its predecessor.

*was a superior film

How to choose? Both make me weak in the knees. Love Em!

Yes, Marvel has indeed done it again. I’m so very happy to report that just like the first Avengers, everything established in previous movies pays dividends in a big way. Every character seen in prior installments is fleshed out even more in AoU.

It all adds depth and texture to this amazing cinematic universe. Not having to intro big main characters allows the action to flow but also allows for better development. This also allows them to probe deeper into the character's personalities and personas. It certainly heightens the tension, so often missing from the usual blockbuster movies, and adds real weight to the story as well as the action sequences which are thrilling and mesmerizing. The result is a sequel that’s just flat out exceptional.

Of course all the heroes got to shine and the story accommodated them all perfectly. What I love is that Marvel even managed to up their game with the main villain. Loki was great in Avengers but Ultron is even more phenomenally wonderful and complex in this movie.

Of course all the heroes got to shine and the story accommodated them all perfectly. What I love is that Marvel even managed to up their game with the main villain. Loki was great in Avengers but Ultron is even more phenomenally wonderful and complex in this movie.

The crazed burgeoning Ultron masterfully dances to the tune of perfect villainy. He/it is always keeping the viewer guessing. That’s just shear perfection coming from a creation of Tony Stark with a dash of Bruce Banner. Ultron has a perfect mixture of emotional psychological complexity and shear badassery. You have an AI that is capable of thinking and strategizing at the speed of light coupled with a body and an army that can destroy almost anything in its path. Add James Spader’s mesmerizing voice and Ultron is the villain of the year if not the decade.

Ok, i don't kidding here as the first comment. I even liked Age of Ultron better than the first.

All the performances in AoU are as good as any I’ve ever seen in an adventure film. These great actors pivot and deliver even more than they have done to date with these characters.

The AoU plot gives them more to chew on and play with as performers. They say that acting is akin to playing tennis. The rally that they play with a new partner is completely different from one to the other. Each of these GREAT actors have such specific talents that it’s fun to see them play off each other at different times in this movie. I think Whedon realized this as both director and writer and shuffled things around on purpose to play to strengths. That’s indeed a key reason why the Scarlet Witch is in this movie and why her powers deliver emotional anguish. It’s just another wonderful aspect of this spectacular movie event.

Avengers Age of Ultron delivers depth of emotion and depth of character combined with tremendous action. It really does deliver what most will now consider to be one of the best comic book adaptation sequel ever produced.

Oh, man, go comment Age of Ultron vs. Dark Knight, please!

Avengers Age of Ultron is superb in every way. Being set up by all those excellent phase one and phase two films laid the groundwork perfectly. This movie manages to advance every main character and does so with an action packed story with heart and even grit.

There’s no doubt, comic book or not, BOTH films are some of the better action/adventure movies in recent memory, maybe the best we’ve ever seen. What outstanding films both!

My God, SquareMaster was better than you!

Ok, you was better than SquareMaster.

Why drag Avengers down by comparing it to anything but other MCU efforts? The cream always rises right? The genre king should be held to its own high standard that it set for the industry. Marvel is the king for a reason.

"Clearly you've never made an omelet." Ultron knows how to get it done and so does Marvel. They certainly delivered on their years of promises. Right from the close of Iron Man they were setting up this team and seeing them form in 2012 was damn fun but in this movie they fully delivered on the premise and the team concept!

Age of Ultron manages to top a great origin film. It delivers a little bit of everything and does it with intelligence, intensity, and integrity.

Add style and humor and what you get is the best sequel imaginable. The extremely talented cast fits each character perfectly,

both large and even the smaller roles. The story itself is told in a masterful and crisp manner.

The dialogue is witty and the humor works its way seamlessly in to the natural order of the story and all the many action sequences.

What else would you expect from Joss Whedon? The man has now more than earned his master status with this jewel in his creative crown.

AoU is smart as anyone that knows Whedon would expect but it remembers to be fun. It’s clear he was a fan in the 70’s and 80’s and a lot of the essence of those pure Avengers stories hits the screen here.

That’s not to say there aren’t dark modern tone elements because the gravity of what’s presented is immense and the interaction between the characters are extremely deep and complex.

That’s what makes this movie the masterpiece it deserves to be. Comic book style slugfests are certainly part of the fun but are inserted as a vehicle for the story and not just to see CGI things explode.

Things aren’t blown up just for the sake of seeing them go boom. How can a movie like this pull that off?

What makes a movie about a super soldier from World War Two, a green rage monster, a futurist playboy in armor and a god of thunder really work are their relationships to one another and the incredibly good writing on display.

Like all the solo films, AoU manages to ground high fantasy in to the realm of the believable.

Honestly, both movies are movie making of the most entertaining order and it easily deserves all the praise it has generated from both fans and critics alike.

What’s also great is that the possibilities are endless from this point forward because of what they set up leading in to Civil War next year.

We certainly can have Avengers teams of different members, just like those classic elements from the books from here on out.

The sequels that follow will no doubt be cool but they have a LOT to live up to now that Joss is passing the baton.

Both films really are that good.

Great movie alert! Great movie alert!

Everyone over at Marvel took what made the first Avengers film work and multiplied it by a factor of ten for AoU.

Add elements of the Iron Man films and Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron is the best of all these characters. I can't think of a weak moment in the entire film.

The visual effects are incredible in AoU as is the story itself. Maybe it’s just my inner Vin Diesel (action movies deserve Oscar consideration) but I think that Oscar should be heading towards this movie on many levels.

In a just world, I could see these Marvel films getting nominated in multiple categories come award season. AoU is simply that great of a movie.

Marvel again delivers a genre film featuring an intelligent story that’s wild and fun but has the right amount of humor, angst and drama. They took what made the first Avengers film work and ran with it.

Two great film adventures but the original still holds a special place in my heart.

I would have to go say The Avengers. While Age of Ultron is fun and wildly entertaining, I still thought it was a little disappointing. On the other hand, The Avengers is nearly flawless and completely lived up to expectations. Yet again, another matchup ruined by spam.

The Avengers was much more well paced but had a stupid ending action sequence. Avengers 2 tried to have depth and drama, but kind of failed, largely due to the promotion of upcoming MCU movies. Avengers didn't have any message other than "Fuck Loki".

Yep, Marvel again delivers a genre film featuring an intelligent story that’s wild and fun but has the right amount of humor, angst and drama. They took what made the first Avengers film work and ran with it.

The Avengers gets this easy. Ultron could've been much more, and while it was entertaining it was entirely too focused on what came next. And Ultron himself was far too preoccupied with making jokes and puns.

Actually I'll change to Avengers, though unspectacular aside from the character interactions which were quite entertaining. Age of Ultron had was too many plot holes and wasn't very well written at all.

Two of the greatest blockbusters ever made. I mean that with all my heart.

Avengers 2 was a tiny disaster. A very tiny one. I don't really see why someone would choose Age of Ultron, unless that person is not a fan of fun.

Just saw Avengers on TV again yesterday (FX) and still love it. They showed it again today AND I WATCHED IT AGAIN. Yes, it has that kind of re-watchability.

The Avengers (2012) is far better. The only thing about Ultron which betters the original film is the cinematography.

First of all, what the hell is up with the spam? Second of all, The Avengers outclasses, well, Avengers (Age of Ultron). Much wittier and exciting.

Two of the greatest adventure films ever put to film no question about it.

There is nothing masterful about either one of these rushed, sloppy, one-note, generic pieces of junk-food.

The more I think about it the more I enjoy Age of Ultron. Both are comic book classic films but AoU feels more like a good comic book come to life. Can't wait for the third effort.

Both are overrated nonsensical toy commercials...

Trying to separate my love for these movies from my new found dismay over Joss Whedon turning out to be a raging asshole. His insane politics and now his abuse of women pointed out by his ex-wife has turned me from a fan to despising his ass. Glad Marvel gave him the boot. Now, I pity the WB for inheriting this hypocrite.

Hot take: I like Age of Ultron more. While Loki may be the better villain, I think it's more epic than the first. It gave us Hulkbuster vs. Hulk. I love the themes of the movie.

Avengers Age of Ultron is superb and better in every way. The movie is packed with better action scenes, soundtrack a better villain.

Age of Ultron is just meh or okay, while The Avengers was great.

Both great both for their own reasons.

Avengers is easily a better movie


Love them both. The original wins.

loved every avengers movie. although avengers wins

Not even close for me. The Avengers easily over Age of Ultron