The Avengers vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Enjoyed Avengers more. 2001 was slow at times but very suspenseful, with a very controversial ending

Are you crazy? 2001 without a doubt!

Sure, Avengers is good dumb fun, but 2001 is the most profound movie experience of all time.

"2001" without a doubt!

The Avengers is one of the most entertaining and rewatchable movies I've ever seen...

Gotta go with The Avengers.

Didn't really care for the Avengers that much

Gotta go with 2001... although both are amazing in their own way.

love the avengers, but 2001 is just an magical and gorgeous movie and experience

People voting for the avengers are completely nuts or they didn't see 2001. 2001 crushes Avengers and then goes further.

I like being nuts.

Love Avengers its an epic fun event but 2001 has had such a impact on cinema and the way sci-fi films are viewed its so revolutionary and pure genius!

Avengers is a lot of fun but 2001 is remarkable a true masterpiece!

Monolith over Shawarma.

I love Avengers, but 2001 is on a whole other level.

Avengers for more fun and better pacing


Avengers is better even though its director Joss Whedon is an a-hole.

Avengers fanboys will argue that movies are a form of entertainment; 2001 fanboys will argue that movies are an art-form; the neutrals will say it's a mixture of both. All three are wrong. Movies are, first and foremost, a form of propaganda. Everything else is secondary.

I argue Avengers is the better film regardless of the criteria.

Avengers could be the best sci-fi adventure film and certainly is the best series made to date.

2001, there isn't a single piece of criteria for filmmaking where Avengers comes out on top.

The Avengers is so much better that it's kind of silly to say otherwise.

Avengers is watchable of the best of it's trilogy.

2001: One of the greatest films ever made. Avengers: Average popcorn flick. No contest.

^100% agree with this

I have to agree with @SquareMaster. Not a single one. Not even visual effects. And there's a gap of 44 years between these two.

You know what? I liked the avengers more.

2001 is much better than avengers

2001, there isn't a single piece of criteria for filmmaking where Avengers comes out on top.

Avengers is like, one of the most mid films ever lol, how is this even a question?