The Avengers vs. The Terminator



Based on rewatchability I'm going with The Terminator.

Sometimes I feel like the only guy on Flickchart who thinks Avengers was a medicore movie. Terminator all the way.

^Avengers was a mediocre movie for me.

Avengers = well-made, fun, visually thrilling popcorn flick Terminator = emotional, original, brilliant sci-fi Terminator it is.

The Terminator hands down. Better everything but The Avengers just dripped cool man . Will watch both anytime .

Terminator without a doubt.

Heros Avengers - Terminator Robotic, Terminator

Terminator for sure

Without question....The Avengers...

Terminator for sure

So, serial killer movies (like Terminator and Scream) are steps above For Children superhero flicks, right? Seems like that, actually for the Marvel ones. Because The Avengers just gets 2-3 votes on these matchups. And the classic, 6-10.

alphahawk and SquareMaster316, you guys are my spirit animals!

The Terminator robot would actually make a cool Avenger. Maybe they'll do what Sony did with Spider-Man and ask Marvel to step in and save that franchise as well?



The Terminator was just a better film period.

Neither of them do much for me to be perfectly honest... I guess Avengers just has more rewatch value

The Avengers is juvenile garbage.

The Avengers outclasses anything James Cameron has ever done and it has clearly driven him mad. Man baby having tantrums won't change anyone's opinion.

Terminator is 1 of the gratest films ever>=no argument/. atmosphere of inevitable doom. amazing acting by michial biehn and arnold + movie is romantic AF// beast avengers 4 me