The Avengers vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past




Days of Future Past for me. While the action was better in the Avengers, the story, character interaction and just the emotional investment I had in DoFP was more powerful to me, even though I do still love the Avengers, but DoFP is in my honest opinion, the best Marvel film to date. It really was that great!


Days of Future Past for sure. Emotional, thrilling, hilarious, visually spectacular, riveting story, perfectly executed -- it's the best superhero film since The Dark Knight.

This one's very close. Days Of Future Past was quite epic on all ends. But as of now I'll give it to Avengers since that made me mark the fuck out in a way nothing ever could and nothing ever will.

The Avengers is on an upper echelon.

Wow! The very best team films of all-time but Avengers is still the champion.

I used to watch the animated show as a kid, but as an adult I just don't get the appeal of X-Men. First Class was alright, but that's the only one of the movies I can get behind at all. So, yeah... give me The Avengers every time over every movie.

Days of Future Past is a contender...but it can't dethrone the champ.

Agree, Avengers is still the champ.

Days of Future Past by far.

I liked Days of Future Past better as well. The plot was more engaging, I liked its characters more, there was a lot more conflict, the action scenes had more variety to them and I loved its early-to-mid 70s style it was going for. They're both fun, but Days of Future Past took a lot more risks, I thought.


days of future past wins but it's very close

X-Men: Tomorrow of the Days of the Past of the Yesterday's Future.

X-Men is a great follow up to the x-men series, as well as the best one. Avengers mostly felt like a real cash crab with a thin as shit plot.

Avengers. The only superhero movie that competes with its epicness is my sequel.

Now these two great films are how you properly tell hero stories.

Avenger as well

Days of Future Past.

Days is a little bit rushed, but it's much better than The Avengers.



Avengers. It's more fun but just as smart.

I have to go with X-MEN. The balance it showed with the old and new cast, told a compelling story, better humor. Avengers is very overrated in my opinion.

Days of Future Past.

Avengers and it’s not really close. DOFP has a good story but limited and even dull action.

Both are the best, but Avengers is far better.

DoFP is the best marvel film ever


Avengers takes it by simply being THE best comic book movie ever made.

Days of Future Past is better

DOFP beats every MCU movie other than IW and IM1

DOFP beats every MCU movie other than IW and IM1

X-Men: Days of Future Past without a single thought.

Both films were good, But Avengers had the wow factor, and there just so much built up joy seeing all the three of the main Avengers onscreen together, then there was that shot with the Avengers standing in a circle battle formation

The Avengers is great on first watch, but loses some of its steam on rewatches. Days of Future Past remains the same solid flick no matter how many times you see it.