The Avengers vs. Apocalypse Now



apocalypse now

Both epics, with amazing cinematography. But Apocalypse Now is more engrossing and grabs you in with its performances. Francis Ford Coppola put his heart in this film when making it. The film nearly ended his career because of funding and its initial flop at the box office, but it has aged well and has overcome adversity, to sit as one of the greatest films of all time.

Avengers X1000......

AN is a far better movie.

Some people just don't appreciate how good Apocalypse Now is (I'm looking at TheEgant in particular). The best war movie ever and one of the best movies of all time and a crappy Marvel movie gets the nod. Unbelievable.

The Avengers for me as well. I honestly didn't care for Apocalypse Now. I wanted to love it, but it just didn't work for me. It probably deserves a rewatch.

What's wrong with not liking a movie? Are we supposed to choose Apocalypse Now over anything, simply because it's "better", according to you?

Agreed with MysticSpoon. With that said, I say Apocalypse Now.

Avengers... you're errand boys... sent by grocery clerks... to collect a bill.

I didn't care much for both but upon a re-watch, due to change. I'll stick with Apocalypse Now simply because Brando edges it out once more

Avengers is very entertaining but Apocalypse Now is definitely a masterpiece and I do like more than The Avengers.

Avengers is a genre masterpiece as well. Hulk doesn't smell like napalm but you have to love him anyway.

Apocalypse Now easy. I enjoyed The Avengers to a huge degree, but it is no AP.

I would have to go with Apocalypse Now, but it's really close. They're closer than most people would think.

I'm sick of Avengers fanboys parading around claiming it's the best movie ever. They don't know shit about movies. Apocalypse Now is as good a film as I've ever seen.

Apocalypse now by far.

A few parts in AN are a bit too slow for me, but I can't deny the masterful directing it took for Coppola to make. AN makes Avengers look like a cheesy B-Movie with a few fairly interesting characters.

Apocalypse Now is Coppola's best