Good Will Hunting vs. American Beauty



American Beauty is a very good film with some great performances but I'll take Good Will Hunting here it's the movie I go back to more often.

American Beauty is, in my opinion, a pretentious mess.

Hmmm, not sure. Neither are films that I think are fantastic. Well made dramas with some intresting parts. I like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, but not the story. Matt Damon's character is so artificial, designed to make an interesting plot and bears no realtion to reality. American Beauty is masquerading as something much more intelligent than it is, but overall I prefer it to Good Will Hunting largely for the taboo-confrontation within.


American beauty wins

This one's so tough. Both deserve spots in my top 10, but as for my favourite between the two. I think it's easier for me to pop GWH in the DVD player more often.

GWH is better in any way

I haven't allowed GWH to grow on me yet. Only seen it once. I like American Beauty more but I've seen it multiple times. Something tells me this vote could change, but it's American Beauty for now.

American Beauty FTW.

American Beauty takes the cake. Good will Hunting is exceptional though as well. Both are emotional,incredible films that are very inspiring.

Good Will Hunting by far

American Beauty

good will hunting, american beauty is a bit overrated

Two of the most overrated movies of all time. Both were very mid in my opinion and the acting good will is better but American beauty had more fun moments.