The Incredible Hulk vs. The Dark Knight



SO not fair for THE INCREDIBLE HULK, which was a good effort, and a fun film. TDK is, though, TDK. Incredible movie. All around. There's only one Bruce who's going to come on top in this one.

Both are excellent 8/10 films but I enjoyed Hulk a little more. If the powers that be would've left some of those deleted scenes from Incredible Hulk that we see in the DVD extras, then IH would've been a 10/10 masterpiece. Live and learn, Marvel.

Hulk really bored me. Same old superhero story like always with inevitable boss fight.

The Incredible Hulk was fun. The Dark Knight was something special.

TDK easily. Personally, I find TIH overrated because there was so much emphasis on how it "Wiped away" the mistakes of Ang Lee. Ang Lee's Hulk may have had its problems, but "not enough action" wasn't one of them, especially when you see how cramming a film with action scenes can create an utter disaster (e.g. Wolverine).

Good try, Hulk, but you just can't seem to get that formula right.

Thoroughly despise Dark Knight. Congrats go to Edward Norton for this win

Didnt like Incredible Hulk, Dark Knight is top ten all time.

The Incredible Hulk was entertaining enough but it stands no chance against TDK.

what superhero movie, besides The Avengers, can even compete with The Dark Knight? please let me know

X2 can compete. Won't win but it is close for me. Avengers as well. As for this it's a no brainer.

i don't see how TDK won't stomp

Dark Knight by far, Incredible Hulk is mediocre


Dark Knight trumps Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk has its moments, but The Dark Knight is on a whole different level.

TIH is forgotten by many people, which is sad

Yeah it deserves better, honestly one of the best MCU movies out there. Still no match for Nolan, though.

The Dark Knight. No contest