The Incredible Hulk vs. Thor



Oh, good question. Thor? I think? There were character moments in Hulk that I liked, but it did feel like someone yelling "sorry about that last one" for two hours.

I'm gonna go with The Incredible Hulk on this one. While there are some logic inconsistencies, such as how Bruce turned back into the Hulk after being supposedly "cured", at least it doesn't feel insanely rushed like Thor does. The Incredible Hulk (IMO, the least flawed of the Avenger's prequel films) for the win!

I suppose The Incredible Hulk isn't a bad movie, but it pales in comparison to other Marvel films like Thor.

Both of these were ok and kinda overrated. But Thor wins. I DON'T LOVE THOR, I just think it's better

Hulk no like puny drag queen

These are the weakest of the "Stage 1" Marvel movies, but Thor gets the win. The Incredible Hulk just didn't offer up the same fun as Thor.

Thor wins a close one.

Thor over Hulk....

Thor wins, both disappointing films.

Hulk is the better Character and the best version ever made with a cool villain and bad ass effects but the World of Asgard and Loki make the first Thor film very good once on earth the film wavers but still very cool.

Didn't love either. Ed Norton is better than almost anything in Thor, but that's not hard to do. Nevertheless, I think I'd rather watch Thor again, silly as it is.

Like them both, but Thor (the character) is kind of boring. I liked Incredible Hulk better overall.

Both are very good but Thor just delivers more and with far better FX.


FUCK the Hulk. A fuckin marvel cashgrab with an extremely DOGSHIT story. Thor has a story which is actual entertainment. Hulk is watching a green bastard on steroids throw shit around and it gets hailed as good because of it. Thor also has better characters and acting in it. What has the Incredible Hulk got? Some forced bullshit storyline about how it's so sad that he's the hulk. Absolutely a bad film. Down there slightly above X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ghost Rider and slightly below Andrew Garfield's amazing spider-man.


TIH. It's very underrated.

The Incredible Hulk is NOT a cash grab with a bad story. It’s a compelling character piece that works because it tries to be more slowed paced, stand on its own and to focus on emotion. Unfortunately, since The Avengers was released, people have disregarded it because it’s too different from the later instalments!

King Thor turned out to top Hulk later down the line. In terms of origins, Thor did it better. More complex even though the deleted scenes of Incredible Hulk are wonderful. What hits the screen favors Thor.

Thor is a great origin but Norton was so much better as Banner. Hmmmmmm.

Thor. A way better villain and a better story. Both are the weaker MCU movies though

thor is goofy and dumb but still good but incredible hulk is the worst of the mcu

thor by a hair, both pretty meh

never mind every one preferring mcu hulk, thor mauls here

Thor, Loki is better than any characters in TIH