The Incredible Hulk vs. Iron Man 2



I'm surprised that there are no comments. I remember very little about The Incredible Hulk, but I do recall liking it all right. Iron Man 2 doesn't stand much of a chance against it.

Out of Marvel's five lead up to Avengers films, these are the two weakest. Still, it says a lot that both are still very entertaining. I'd like to have seen Incredible Hulk not cut down. Evidently, that cut rooming stuff is what ticked off Ed Norton. Had they left Norton's vision alone, I bet this would be a better film. As I see it, I give this to Iron Man.

I think I'm going Iron Man 2, but its close.

Iron man was a lot better to me

Going into THE AVENGERS, THE INCREDIBLE HULK was easily my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. That hasn't changed.

Incredible Hulk seems so underrated.

Iron Man 2 was clearly the worst movie of he MCU. I'm going with Hulk.

Iron Man 2 is ass. Not just a blatant extended trailer for the other MCU films (imagine a string of after-credits scenes, and that's almost literally the movie), but a completely disposable Iron Man film as well. NOTHING has changed from the begin of the film to the end to the end of the film, except that Tony now has a sidekick and a glowing blue triangle in his chest. Whoop-de-fucking-doo. And what was the villain doing for the entire film? Exactly, nothing. It's the only MCU film that is truly awful. The 2008 Hulk is forgettable, but it does have some entertaining moments. Fuck Iron Man 2. Just fuck it.

From the beginning of the film to the end of the film*

The Incredible Hulk, easily.

I remember when I saw the hulk I thought it was a piece of shit, but it turns out no! Apparently the Eric Bana piece of shit was the bad one. Holy shit I found IH a bad movie. Honestly, where is the story? He turns into a giant Shrek with abs and hair, and fucks up everything, but feels sad afterwards. What a terrible movie, at least Iron Man 2 had great characters, and an entertaining story. IM2 by an infinite amount.

Hulk easily takes this MCU battle

Incredible Hulk wins because it's better focused. It feels like a complete movie, whereas IM2 just seemed like a prequel to the Avengers first and formost.

Hulk is much better.


The two bottom MCU films. Hulk Wins.

Incredible Hulk was much better at its characters, plot and pacing. And isn’t trying to set up sequels until the end. And even then it was like 2 or 3 times.

i probably enjoy IM2 more, but TIH's final fight >>> IM2's final fight

incredible hulk is nothing but a garbage and lame movie from the mcu, almost as bad as the batman v superman

I agree with everything IloveMovie243 said


My bottom two, I prefer the Hulk.

i take it back, IM2 is bad, TIH wins

incredible hulk is bad worst mcu movie, iron man 2 is ok nothing special and wins here

Incredible Hulk is mainly fine film, iron man 2 is pile of garbage

Hulk couldn't beat the original but it beats Iron Man 2, I really like both movies. MCU Phase 1 is honestly my favorite.

I honestly like Iron Man 2 much better