The Wrestler vs. The Dark Knight



I can't believe how many HARD choices there are to make!!!

Tough call for me...gotta go with the Oscar winner.

the dark knight was definitely more entertaining... b

Both are wonderful movies and I've watched both countless times. I'm a fan of pro wrestling and in all other match ups The wrestler would have been a sure pick but The Dark Knight is the right choice.

Love both. But one is better.

Oh my God... most EPIC showdown so far... the two best of 08... Someone said go with the Oscar winner, so I assume you mean Dark Knight, even though the award was a sham. Don't get me wrong, great performance, but if he wouldn't have died, don't think he would have been a lock. Rourke, on the other hand, deserved that trophy so much more. Think that's what I'm going to have to go with.

The Wrestler for me. TDK is way overrated.

The 21st Century Rocky.... a.k.a The Wrestler

To suggest that Heath Ledger won by virtue of dying is insulting to his memory and to the performance he put on in The Dark Knight. The buzz began before The Dark Knight even wrapped up filming. If anything, the worry was that his death would prevent him from winning a deserved Oscar, given the track record of actors nominated posthumously. He more than deserved that Oscar. That said, Mickey Rourke was, I believe, robbed of an Oscar himself for his performance in The Wrestler. Yet, while I consider Heath Ledger's Joker to be not only one of the best villains in the history of cinema, but one of the best performances, I cannot say the same about The Wrestler. Besides, The Dark Knight is infinitely more fun, despite how much I love The Wrestler.

I agree with the one saying Heath Ledger wouldn't have gotten the award had he not died. I believe the academy would've saved it for another performance and chosen to recognize Rourke's comeback instead. I don't believe that's "insulting to Ledger's memory"; if anything, it's insulting the Academy. But we're not asked to choose between performances here. The Dark Knight was the better movie, I thought.

I love TDK, but the more i think about it, the thing that makes TDK what it is, is Ledger. Take away his role/performance and you have just a good film..nothing great. The Wrestler was just amazing..Highly underrated.

It's funny that anyone defend either film here on the basis that the other film is overrated based on one strong performance. Pot...Kettle. Kettle...Pot.

I will say this: I am a huge fan of both of these movies but when I saw the Wrestler I felt so connected to the movie. The movie is easily in my top 10 list and I am not taking anything away from DK because that movie wowed me too. But Rourke deserved that oscar hands down too bad he didn't win it.

Very hard one. But i relate so,so much with the Wrestler that even The Dark Knight can't dethrone Rourke's amazing performance. Tomei was a BIG part of how much i like this movie as well.

The Wrestler

I have to go with The Dark Knight, but I wholeheartedly agree with those who said Mickey Rourke should have won an Oscar for the performance he gave in The Wrestler.

I enjoyed the Dark Knight wholeheartedly. However, my one gripe about the movie is that it took itself a little too seriously. The Wrestler had a little bit of everything and Mickey Rourke DOMINATED every second of it. My heart is with The Wrestler.

I loved The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke's performance was superb and it was every emotionally gripping, but this one has to go to The Dark Knight.

Hmm very very very close but got to go with The Dark Knight

The Wrestler scores the upset...

TDK owns here..