Emanuelle in America vs. Strip Nude for Your Killer



I suppose Emanuelle in America is one of those WTF? types of flicks you have to watch if you're interested in lurid cinema. Strip Nude for Your Killer has the more provocative title, but nothing you'll find within its duration tops Emanuelle in America as far as shock and sleaze goes. Strip Nude for Your Killer is pretty much a comedy by comparison. Not to say that it's actually possible to take Emanuelle in America seriously. It just hits the viewer with a lot of out there stuff that would probably disorient less experienced viewers of such fare. When it comes down to it, I think Strip Nude for Your Killer is more entertaining. Emanuelle in America is more of an experience than actual entertainment, though it is pretty hard to forget.

You know, I should say something in Emanuelle in America's defense. That swimming pool scene where "Celebrate Myself" plays has a certain beauty to it. It's that horse scene that brings the movie down. And maybe that part where the chick has cake frosting all over her and people are licking it off. I hate food eroticism. Food isn't erotic in my opinion. So, if those parts were removed, Emanuelle in America might win this.

Wait, someone took these Emanuelle movies seriously?