Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince vs. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets



As a standalone film, I'd give the nod to "Chamber of Secrets." As a chapter in the overall "Harry Potter" story, I'm going with "Half-Blood Prince."

Not only is HBP cleverer and more beautiful to look at, but it doesn't have a stupid last scene like Chamber does. No contest here for me.

HBP is better, as it feels funnier, cleverer and deeper.

Half-Blood Prince

I know Chamber of Secrets often gets singled out as the worst of the Potter films, but I actually find it to be one of the better ones. On the other hand, Half-Blood Prince is one of the weaker installments, in my opinion. I like both, but I'm choosing Chamber of Secrets.

Huh, I think Half-Blood Prince is probably the best one of them all. Possibly the most well shot film in the series and without a doubt an improvement over Order of the Phoenix, which seemed so...I dunno, "weightless"? It skipped so much stuff from the book and it seemed so short (ironic since it's still long) that it didn't feel like a proper film anymore. Half-Blood Prince took its time, at least it seemed like it did. I have a giant soft spot for both Chris Columbus Harry Potter films. In a way, they were my "Goonies": films about kids teaming up and encountering the craziest (and pretty fucked up) things. And they were really well made, too. Nowadays their CGI is probably pretty "eh", but back then it was ERMAZIN'. I'm going with HBP, but Chamber of Secrets is still one awesome jar of nostalgia, y'know.

This one is close since they are a couple of my favorites for the series. I'll go with Half-Blood Prince which is beautifully shot and and has probably the most offbeat humor of the entire series and is quite entertaining to watch.

hmmm.... tough call, I say.... Chamber.

On second thought, I'll take Half-Blood. It IS a bit funnier than chamber of secrets, and the emotion is a bit stronger. Tough call.

Chamber of secrets is one of my faves

Half-Blood Prince. There's a lot more going on in that one. And that's the one where [SPOILER ALERT] gets [CENSORED]

Chamber Of Secrets. Better story, a tone that isn't pretentious and it's more than uneventful set-up!

Half-Blood Prince was a huge disappointment. David Yates had just directed (arguably) the best film so far and was adapting (arguably) the best book in the franchise, but he focused on the love life, which really disappointed me.