Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince vs. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire



sweeet. my second harry potter face-off. Half-blood prince is the best of the series so far.

That's just sadistic.


I liked Goblet of Fire, but I wasn't crazy about it. I found Half-Blood Prince to be a more satisfying stand alone film.

goblet of fire from sis and half blood prince from me :)

half blood prince

I'm not a huge Potter fan. I enjoyed the movies, but not nearly as much as the books. May the best movie win...

goblet of fire was the best in the series and half blood prince was on of the worst so i go with the goblet of fire. but of course in the books each one of these is awesome.

The 2 least of the Harry Potter films. I go with the fourth one.

Goblet was awful. While Half-Blood Prince may not be the best, it was definitely not the worst. Of the Harry Potter franchise, obviously. Also, why didn't anyone cut their hair before shooting Goblet? Looks like everyone's attempting some kinda Lebowski-fest cosplay.

These are probably two of the better ones. HBP wins

Half Blood Prince but both are decent.

Goblet of Fire for me. Even though Half-Blood Prince is one of my favorite books of the series, it's the installment I've seen the least amount of times for some reason...

Goblet here.

4 because 6 had that shit ending.

half-blood prince has that tragic death, Goblet has that tragic death. Both are interesting and both have their ups and downs. The tournament was great, but I feel like the potion class and introduction of horcruxes just surpasses the other by the tiniest bit.

Goblet of fire is my fave out of the harry potters!

This is a close one for me. I really like the ending to Half Blood Prince, even though there is little to no closer for the film. That being said, Goblet of Fire feels more like a complete film, and therefor gets my vote as the better flick.

HBP probably has one of the worst endings in the series. Shame because it was excellent as a book imo. Goblet of Fire i think is second best movie in series only behind Prisoner of Azkaban