Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince vs. Star Trek



Really tough for 2009 - a solid reboot vs. one of the best HP movies so far... Both had great effects and storytelling. Trek had a better score. Cinematically it's about tied, movie I would want to watch right - Star Trek, desert island movie - HP6. I'm going with HP6.

Among other reasons, the british accents make 'Potter' the champ here. Though it barely beats out Simon Pegg's great turn as Scotty!

Star Trek did the impossible, which is interest me in the slightest in the Star Trek franchise. It, however, is forgettable. Did not need to be sold on Potter, and Half-Blood Prince is easily the best of the series and a great film by its own right.

Abrams took a dead franchise and brought it back to life meanwhile Yates made the worst film out of the best book in the series. Easy pick...It's Star Trek!

Gotta agree with trashersfan. Abrams took a dead franchise and brought it back to life, while Yates made the worst film out of the best book in the series.

Awww. Hard choice. It's hard to separate my love for the books from my like for the movies. I need to watch it again to be sure, but during the harry potter movie, I remember thinking that those kids are actually acting now. I was very entertained. I know I loved it. But Star Trek was shiny. Those flares are embedded in my mind now, to where I get this optimistic shiny feeling every time I think about it. Haha. Yeah, I have to go with Star Trek on this one. And Zachary Quinto was a hottie. I usually think of him as a dork. Weird.

There was a good reason Half Blood Prince was nominated for best cinematography. That movie is just gorgeous to watch.

HBP felt too much like setup for Deathly Hallows; I didnt like it as much as Order of the Phoenix. Star Trek felt more standalone, and was just a lot more fun.


Half-Blood Prince wasn't a very good adaption of the book, but it worked well as a stand alone film, and that's why I really enjoyed it. It has its problems, but it's one of the best Harry Potter movies, imo. And that's why I'm having a hard time choosing between these two. I think I'll go with Star Trek.

I must admit that I am not a Star Trek fan. But this movie was great, I liked it. Harry Potter 6 was great as well. They both blend humor, action, and drama very well. Both have great special effects as well. As much as I enjoyed this Star Trek, it can't beat this Harry Potter movie. Harry Potter 6 wins

HBP was good, but it was a lesser entry into the HP series, whereas Star Trek was just amazing all around.

Star Trek, landslide.

Star Trek in an absolute mugging...

Half-Blood Prince. It just might be my favorite Potter installment which is beautifully shot and has some of the quirkiest humor of the whole series.