Back to the Future vs. Top Gun



on 9/26/2009

Wow. One of my most favorite films v. one of my least.

on 3/18/2011

This was my childhood in a nutshell!

on 5/7/2011

I can't live with this decision. Michael J Fox vs. Tom Cruise? Everybody loses.

on 5/9/2011

Marty McFly would never have spun out of control in a jet backwash. Goose's wouldn't have died and Meg Ryan wouldn't have made When Harry Met Sally meaning that Billy Crystal never hosted the Oscars in 1989 thus preventing Driving Miss Daisy winning. Or something like that... Back to the Future wins.

on 8/17/2011

A real no-brainer here. Yeah, those planes in Top Gun can go much faster than 88 MPH, but can they go back in time? Didn't think so. If you disagree, feel free to discuss it with me. I'll be at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

on 8/17/2011

Not even close.

on 9/9/2011

Interesting comments, I agree most with 2dreviews, but BttF still wins.

on 9/9/2011

I find both movies to be extremely entertaining. That said...I'm with the rest...BttF is just too damn good.

on 9/10/2011

Top gun got it downs, even though it fast get back up when they start to jet-around. Back to the Future got no downs, it's the better movie...

on 3/2/2012

Top Gun doesnt measure up to BTTF

on 3/25/2013

BTTF is not one of my favorite movies, but it is better than Top Gun, although I can watch both purely for the nostalgia factor.

on 9/23/2013

top gun is fun but no were near as good as back to the future.

on 7/20/2016


on 5/26/2017

Back to the Future is almost the perfect film. Sorry TG, even though I love you, I can't cheat of BTTF!


on 3/12/2018

Back to the Future is a classic vs a classic want to be.

on 3/12/2018

Back To The Future as a film and a product of the 80s!