Back to the Future vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Two trilogies I care far too much about....but...I have more invested in LOTR due to my love of the books as well.

This is the first time I've really thought about this: This particular match up is really one of the most-watched films of my childhood vs. literally THE most-watched film of my adulthood. In a different time and place, Back to the Future might have won this...

As much as i love BttF this one is easy for me: The hobbits win!

I'll go with Marty and Doc. Too many of my memories lie in that DeLorean to choose something else here.

The Lord of the Rings Films are amazing but if I choose which one I'd watch right now I'm choosing Back to the Future and not looking back.

LOTR is definitely the better trilogy. But as far as each film individually, none of Jackson's movies top the original Back to the Future...

Much as I love Fellowship and have seen it more times than I care to mention, not picking BttF would be like stomping on my childhood

Lord of the Rings for me.

As much as I love Fellowship, Back to the Future is a defining film of my childhood (despite being a 90's baby)

Back to the future is a really funny good movie and i love the fellowship alout but i'll just have to say bttf

Fellowship for me.

My number 3 vs. number 2, this is bloody difficult. As much as it pains me to say it, I'm going to have to pick possibly the greatest ensemble casts ever & that is Fellowship. I'm sorry, Marty, don't hold it against me.

Back to the future

Easy, Fellowship!

I slightly prefer Back to the Future. I need to rewatch Fellowship.

Fellowship easily defeats BTTF.

Back to the Future takes the vote.

No comments? Back to the Future is a fine film with great entertainment and will always be remembered but I just view Fellowship as a superior film in terms of story (that credit goes to source material), acting, visuals (for its time), development of characters and execution. Fellowship wins and quite easily, I must add/

^^^^My bad..The Flickchart ranking system was glitching :O

Back to the Future wins. Every time I watch I'm reminded of how amazing it is.

Love both to death but id rather watch Back To The Future on my death bed! My fav time travling film well maybe the 2nd one is lol.

Close but FOTR still for the win

Pretty difficult choice but I'll pick Fellowship of the Ring.

i saw back to the future for the first time today enjoyed it very much but fellowship wins.....

Definitely going with Lord of the Rings here. Better movie all around.

It's pretty unfair to judge based off of one film of the trilogy for LOTR. Back to the Future works as a standalone film, but Fellowship doesn't. Therefore I have to judge this based on the entire trilogy of LOTR, of which as a whole is slightly better than BTtF.

LOTR has a better plot than BTTF...Middle-Earth wins

FOTR, clearly.

Music alone wins it for LotR.

My #1 and #2 meet again. They are still in the right order.

Not even remotely close. Back to the future FTW

These are literally right next to each other for me. Back to the Future at 14 and Fellowship of the Ring right behind at 15.

I always have more fun and laugh so hard at Back to the Future it's a go to classic