Back to the Future vs. Saving Private Ryan



One of the toughest ones I've come across. When the genres are different it can be a real ballbuster

Aaaaaah, I am signing off of Flickchart on of these days!!! Geez!!!

This is close. I don't rank these two up there in my Top 20, but they're both good flms for different reasons. I'm giving this to Ryan largely because I found it hard to stand up after watching it, my knees were so weak. It's got massive, gaping flaws in it yes, and BttF is Fun, but Ryan is brilliant film-making for at least half of its length.

Loved both, but it's Back To The Future, for me. Saving Private Ryan is an amazing film, but if I'm ranking my favorites, BTTF is always going to beat SPR.

BTTF , much better in my opinion.

Giving this one to SPR.

Back to the Future wins here.

Private Ryan

Back to the Future timeless.

Saving Private Ryan is pretty spectacular but Back to the Future wins for me.

Back to the Future is probably the most entertaining movie of all time, no disrespect to Saving Private Ryan though...

Saving this matchup

Private Ryan is an amazing film, and probably the better, but I picked Back to the Future since it's hard not to have fun whilst watching. This was very close since they both tell amazing stories, and I'm a sucker for war films, but I think Back to the Future comes out on the top.

It's gotta be Back to the Future...but so close...