Back to the Future vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



These two movies stick out in my childhood. Cemented my love for the adventure movie, and, honestly, no other movies come to mind that can top it. I got the goods early. Thank God.

BTTF barely barely beats Last Crusades.

I practically grew up with the BttF trilogy. I made my way into the Indiana Jones series a few years later.

Oh man. Back to the Future by a hair. This could change though.

Last Crusade by a hair

Last Crusade is the better film, but both of these are spectacular.

Just doesn't get any closer than this. Welcome back to my top 20 BttF....

Wow, this matchup is heavy.

I've always found BttF to be an almost perfect film. I love Last Crusade but have always liked it the least out of the first 3 Indy films so his is a no-brainer for me. Back to the Future wins!


Very close Last Crusade wins.

Two of my favorite franchises and my favorite movie from those franchises. Can. Not. Decide.

Oh man this is super tough. The best BTTF vs the best Indy movie. With that being said, BTTF is the perfect template for a blockbuster. There's no fat on it at all, it wins here

Indiana Jones

Back in the day it would have been Back To The Future but over time Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade feels like it holds up better.

I love both. I'm slightly last crusade.

Back to the Future>Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Back to the Future.

Tough. Gotta ho with back 2 the future