The Prodigal Son vs. The Young Master



2 all time classics, very tough!

Too true. The Prodigal Son is mucho badass, but The Young Master is Top 5 JC. "He fights well with that bench." Bwahaha!

It's been a while.. I used to have such a crush on Yuen Biao so I'll pick The Prodigal Son. For now.

Meh. I'd rather watch one of those trashy Lo Wei flicks with Jackie (that aren't as bad as people say, by the way) than The Young Master, and Prodigal's just a giant question mark in the MA classics pantheon, despite the talents involved.

WHAAAAAAAAA?! Motherfuck the Lo Wei stuff, firstly. The Young Master is a blast. A dozen bitchslaps for anyone who says otherwise. The finale's a little overrated (Dragon Lord whoops its ass, in that area), but everything else is A-grade material. The Prodgial Son, I like less, but it earned its classic status. Yuen Biao/Frankie Chan is a doozy. Fok, what's the internet speed like in that mental institution you currently call home?

The Young Master since I don't remember an awful lot from The Prodigal Son. A rewatch is in order, I guess.

We'll be getting dial-up some time this year. For real though, The Prodigal Son is one of the worst paced movies I've ever seen. It takes an eternity to set up the premise, it never really seems to get going, so then when that troupe gets their throats cut, like five minutes later, we get fart jokes with toilet flushing sounds. Yuen Biao hangs out on some ranch with Sammo Hung and his portly daughter for what feels like 3 hours. More doodoo/bloodletting with no consistency in tone. Struggling not to fall asleep. Tell my kids I died like a man.

If you mean about The Young Master, I dunno, I don't dislike it, but nothing stands out. Who would care if it weren't for Jackie?

But it does star Jackie. And Yuen Biao. And that Hapkido guy. And has plenty of action. And has some excellent fights (well, excellent for the stuttered stuff). Quantity and quality is all most of us really ask for in our MA films, and the MA in The Young Master is high enough in quality and dosage. The Beggar-Jackie scene is good stuff, the dragon dance is good stuff, the finale is good stuff. Pipes, benches and skirts are good stuff. Jackie cart-wheeling on a six inch rounded beam is good stuff. I don't ask for anything more.

I don't either. And I don't think "Who would care if it weren't for Jackie?" is a very good argument against the movie. Jackie Chan movies rule because they star Jackie Chan. As for Prodigal Son's inconsistent tone - that's just Hong Kong, baby. You know that.

Haha. Y'see, with those Lo Wei movies, Jackie Chan isn't the star, cheese is. And that's acceptable to me. There's the disconnect between me and most people.