Shrek 2 vs. Shrek the Third



The third one was awful compared to the first two.

The drop in quality from Shrek 2 to Shrek the Third was shocking to me.

I've always thought the second was overrated but still, the third is just awful. I can't believe they're doin a fourth.

They took a big step down with the second, and another big step down with the third. Heaven knows how bad the fourth will be.


Shrek 2 was the best in the series. I loved it!

Both were quite disappointing sequels I felt, but Shrek 2 had the benefit of adding the character of Puss 'n' Boots, who is great, whereas Shrek the Third really brought nothing new to the table.

Shrek the Third was useless ,but Shrek 2 wins here

Given its dubious reputation, I was expecting Shrek the Third to be worse than it is. While it's certainly not a good movie, it's not terrible either. Still, it's not nearly on the level of Shrek 2.

The Deuce.

Shrek 2 is the best of the series.

I'm with a few people above me. Shrek 2 was the series's best! More funny, on a grander scale, and an arguably better story than the first! The first two films are on an entirely different level than the last two.

I really enjoyed 2 to be honest

yeah Shrek 2 is actually a good sequel the only one in he series not that 3 or 4 are bad but close.

Shrek 2 is still funny and has the better story I like the 3rd but its kinda lame while 2 has charm!

Shrek 2 is the best Shrek movie of the 4, but Shrek The Third is a terrible movie. Shrek 2 destroys Shrek The Third.

Okay, I think Shrek The Third is okay at best, but still, Shrek 2 wins in every way.

Shrek 2 is a better quality movie than Shrek the Third. I actually liked Shrek 2 more than the original Shrek when I first saw it. I think I've even seen Shrek 2 included in lists of sequels better than the first films (like Empire Strikes Back). Anyway, Shrek 2 wins and is my favorite film in the series.

shrek 3 is the worst shrek movie