Shrek 2 vs. Shrek Forever After



I think shrek 4 even did not know what happen before going with 2

I never understood why these always got hated on. The only Shrek that I never really cared for was the third one.

I don't dislike Shrek Forever After as much as most, but I don't like it enough to choose it over the best Shrek movie - Shrek 2.

I like every Shrek movie (even Shrek The Third. Despite its flaws, it’s still an enjoyable and creative watch). I also think Shrek 2 is the best of the franchise!

Both are terrible, but only one of them made such a drastic drop off in quality from the previous.

I'll actually stand up for the fourth Shrek, yes it was more like a spin off than a sequel but I thought it was a fun reimaging.