Shrek 2 vs. Shrek



on 10/9/2009


on 12/20/2009

I actually thought the second film improved on the first

on 12/29/2009

More memorable characters might be introduced in Shrek 2, but the more memorable film is, without a doubt, the original.

on 1/6/2010

They're nearly even in my mind, but I agree with Charyou_Tree: the first is just that much better.

on 7/20/2010

This one is easy, the orginal is so much better than the second. Not even close.

on 8/9/2010

The first one was really good fun. The second was way too chaotic.

on 8/22/2010

You haven't really missed anything when you haven't seen Shrek2. Besides, to see Shrek2 you must watch the first part first, or otherwise the second one won't make much sense.

on 10/15/2010

I thought that all the Shrek Movies were good but like every series the very first movie is the best!

on 3/11/2011

I preferred the villain in Shrek 2; otherwise, a pretty even match.

on 11/15/2011

The first one, without a doubt.

on 6/22/2012

shrek 2 wins!

on 6/22/2012

I had way more laughs and epic moments with Shrek 2.

on 6/22/2012

Also,first one didn't had Puss In Boots n' Prince Charming,those characters definitely brought a lot to the franchise.

on 6/22/2012

I'll go with the original, but quite frankly, both were very entertaining...

on 6/22/2012

Personally, I think Shrek is the best of the series.

on 7/1/2012

Both fairly even, but I enjoyed the second one more on first viewing. Plus I find Eddie Murphy really annoying (not just in this), so when they reigned him in during the second film I found it much more enjoyable. The first film is probably a better film, but I found the second one more enjoyable.

on 2/6/2013

Shrek 2 is a fine sequel, but I found the first to be more groundbreaking.

on 2/6/2013

Both great, but the first is a little better.

on 2/8/2013

The sequel was much better than the first

on 2/8/2013

I honestly don't know. I saw both in the theater, but I can remember more from the first than from the second. Both good, but I guess I'll go with the first one.

on 2/9/2013

From what I can remember is that Shrek 1 is very annoying, unfunny, lame, and very boring movie. Yes, I do agree with the Nostalgia Critic that Shrek 1 is crap and Shrek 2 is alot much better film than Shrek 1.

on 7/2/2013

Always liked the second one better than the first.

on 12/8/2013

Shrek 2 is better than Shrek One

on 4/12/2014

Number 2

on 4/20/2014

you can't put 2 different Shrek movies against each other to hard to decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on 5/31/2014

like the Second LOVE the First Shrek is classic.

on 5/31/2014

I adore the first Shrek. The second one was just average for me. They should have kept the writers from the first one.

on 5/26/2015

I like the second one, but the first definitely takes it.

on 6/29/2015

I'll go with the first Shrek.

on 11/9/2015

Actually, I've always preferred the sequel.

on 11/12/2015

Shrek 2 gets shit on way too much. One of the best animated sequels of all time.

on 6/13/2016

Original Shrek is way better and is one of my favorite animated movies

on 1/22/2017

Shrek 2 was my favorite of the Shrek movies, because it was really funny. But the first one is still a excellent movie.

on 5/30/2017

the original

on 8/6/2018

Unpopular opinion but I rather the sequel. The one where they introduce Puss In Boots, Far Far Away and the Fairy Godfather. Even the opening is great. "Shes on her honeymoon". "Honeymoon? With who?". *Accidentally In Love starts playing*. All great stuff! Shrek 2, even if it's only about 5 places ahead on my chart!

on 11/12/2018

Shrek is fantastic but the sequel outdid it! Shrek 2 wins in my eyes!

on 9/29/2019

Shrek 2 is better by far.

on Feb 27

Not even close