Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back vs. Mallrats



This isn't fair because I'm a Kevin Smith fan dammit!

Mallrats. without mallrats, no jay and silent bob

I am Kevin Smith Whore. I love them all. I am going to have to choose Mallrats though. I even have the "Breakfast Smeakfast..." as my ring tone on my phone.


I have to choose Mallrats because it doesn't... suck.

I'll say Jay & Silent Bob since it had more Jay

Ouch--this one's a toughie. On one hand, J&SBSB is the first KS movie I ever watched (at the ripe age of twelve, I might add--probably a big reason why I'm messed up); on the other hand, Mallrats is probably the strongest as a movie. I'll go with Mallrats.

Mallrats. Liked Jay & Silent Bob 1st time I saw it but wasn't a fan on repeat viewings.

Mallrats had Brodie.


As much as I like Kevin Smith I didn't care for these films. Mallrats had more laughs so it wins this round.

JASBSB is a parody of Smith's own films and that is why it wins here.

Mallrats is entertaining for the first 15 minutes and then gets boring as it keeps going on. It's honestly just not that funny nor clever with its dialogue. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on the other hand, is entertaining and quotable from beginning to end. It's also far better directed and much more visually dynamic as the non-verbal gags and slapstick in it is genuinely quite witty and creative at times.

Mallrats is so much more entertaining to me. The character building is better and the storyline, although cheesy, actually fits well given the context of the film.