Interstellar vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



Love Kill Bill but Interstellar is better

Agree with lantio. Nolan and Tarantino are a couple of my favorite directors but Interstellar surpasses Kill Bill by far.

Epic Drama vs Artistic Mix of Styles of Filmmaking with an own touch to it. >> :D INTERSTELLAR

Interstellar is stellar, but Kill Bill slices its opponent here.

Shoot, it's too hard. Both are unusual and unique movies. But I'm gonna go for Interstellar because it's visual is damn mesmerizing.

I enjoyed Interstellar, but I'd rewatch Vol. 1 a hundred times over...

Interstellar is a masterpiece in my eyes and Kill Bill, while absolutely riveting and great, is not a masterpiece in my opinion.

Interstellar wins. Kill Bill is a good movie, but I appreciate Nolan's style and choice of cast more in his latest flick.

Interstellar. Kill Bill 1 is overrated and has zero depth or development

Kill Bill 1 I enjoyed more, would rather revisit more, and offers more genre mixing filmmaking.