Interstellar vs. A Clockwork Orange



My two favorite directors of all time, and some of my favorite movies of all time! This is super close, but if I have to choose, I'll go with Interstellar. I love them almost equally, so my opinion may change over time.

A Clockwork Orange was better than every Nolan film. Really, you who is reading it, don't care for THE FANBOY WHO WE CAN'T SAY THE NAME.

Look, I love Clockwork Orange and it is pretty much perfect in every way (as the majority of Kubrick's films are). I know Interstellar is not everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm tired of seeing people getting berated just because they said they like Interstellar. But as I said, these movies are basically equal to me, and I'm just as much a Kubrick fan as I am a Nolan fan. And you can call me a Nolan fanboy if you want because I really could care less.

No, you're don't he. Squa...

I watch a film to be entertained. I don't give a fuck who the director is. I could never be so narrow-minded just to favor one film over another because of the director. Interstellar is the clear winner here. I enjoyed it so much more.

Yep, but it's sad to see SquareMaster on this site, wocky.

I can't choose, two of my favourites...

A Clockwork Orange

Interstellar. One of the most misunderstood films ever I'd say.

Interstellar smashes Clockwork in the technical department, and I simply it as well.